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sudo -u "${user}" bash -s <<ILOVEBASH
export WP_CLI_CACHE_DIR=${webroot}
cd ${webroot}
curl -O
chmod +x ${webroot}/wp-cli.phar
./wp-cli.phar core download
./wp-cli.phar config create --dbname="${db_name}" --dbuser="${db_username}" --dbpass="${db_password}" --dbhost="${db_host}"
./wp-cli.phar db create
./wp-cli.phar core install --url="${domain}" --title="${blog_title}" --admin_user="${blog_username}" --admin_password="${blog_password}" --admin_email="${webmaster_email}"
#./wp-cli.phar plugin install --force
#./wp-cli.phar plugin install --force
#./wp-cli.phar plugin update --all
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