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ES6 Partial Application in 3 Lines

ES6 Partial Application in 3 Lines

const pApply = (fn, ...cache) => (...args) => {
  const all = cache.concat(args);
  return all.length >= fn.length ? fn(...all) : pApply(fn, ...all);


Create a function like so:

const add = pApply((a, b, c) => a + b + c);

Use it as follows:

// => function
add(1, 2);
// => function
add(1, 2, 3);
// => 6
// => 6
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farskid commented Jan 4, 2018

Great approach! A tiny issue though:
according to this great article by Eric Elliot , this could be named as ES6 partial applied function rather that curried. Curry is supposed to point to a function that is accepting it's collection of arguments in a series of calls, each accepting only 1 parameter!

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Thanks a lot @farskid, fixed!

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lihaibh commented Apr 6, 2018

Great simple way to make curried functions.
Reminds me the library ramdajs you can do: R.curry(fn); and get partial unfullfiled function

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