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Fiddler Rule to override website 403 HTTP Status and change it to "200 OK" so that it can be accessed using CRON/WGET/HTTrack
/* 20180615 Fiddler rule to ignore all 403 HTTP Status errors so WGET or HTTrack can generate local copy of remote website */
SCENARIO: Changing the user agent or setting a delay isn't enough and the entire remote server is configured to respond w/403.
CONFIGURE: Add below rule to FiddlerScript OnBeforeReponse() section. Configure HTTrack/WGET/CRON to use proxy */
static function OnBeforeResponse(oSession: Session) {
if (oSession.HostnameIs("") && oSession.responseCode == 403) {
oSession.responseCode = 200;
oSession.oResponse.headers.HTTPResponseCode = 200;
oSession.oResponse.headers.HTTPResponseStatus = "200 OK";
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