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Created January 2, 2024 19:17
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Remco the Betta not doing great

Tank + Creatures

On Nov 13, 2023, I set up this 10 gallon dirted, sand-capped, and planted tank. I don’t vacuum the sand.


  • a Betta, added Nov 25. Currently sick.
  • 2 Nerite snails added Nov 25.
  • 3 harlequin rasbora, added Dec 17.

Fish or snails were not quarantined.


The tank contains rocks and oak leaves. No wood or other decor. Filtration happens with a sponge filter, rated to 20 gallons. I heated with a 75W heater set to 80F. The thermometer in the tank reads the temp as 78F.


Light is provided by an AQUANEAT LED Aquarium Light Full Spectrum. The schedule is 4h on, 4h off, 4h on, without direct sunlight exposure.

Water changes

I change water infrequently, more detail can be found at Clicking on the dates where a Water Change happened in the first calendar, will show the number of liters changed.


Twice daily, I feed Betta flakes, a few times per week I substitute with frozen blood worm. Twice a week I feed once a day.


  • Ammonia: 0
  • Nitrites: 0
  • Nitrates: 0 or very low.
  • pH: 7.4
  • KH: 2dKH
  • GH: 9dKH
  • Temperature: 78F

Abnormal signs/symptoms

  • Over the last two days, my betta’s fins are rolled up. They don’t relax. (photo)
  • Noticed last night and today that there is a curvature on his spine. This might have been present earlier and I didn’t notice. (Photo)
  • Increasingly listless

Appearance of poop

I just noticed a round, pellet shaped piece of poo—at least, that’s the only thing I can imagine it is—about 2-3mm in diameter.

Appearance of gills


Treatment of fish ahead of diagnosis

Last night I placed him in a hospital tank, the setup there is:

  • 13 liters (3.5 gal) 50% water from his tank + 50% tap water with 0.1ml Seachem Prime per liter added via drip
  • Heater set to 82F
  • air stone
  • silk plants
  • no substrate

Meds used

~2tsp API Aquarium Salt in hospital tank

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JanDW commented Jan 2, 2024

His normal environment

Rolled fins

Curved spine

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JanDW commented Jan 2, 2024

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