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Created September 22, 2012 11:47
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Quick'n'dirty Jekyll plugin for sorted cycle

Jekyll sorted_for plugin

Quick'n'dirty Jekyll plugin for sorted cycle.


Copy sorted_for.rb to _plugins/ directory of your Jekyll site.


Instead of for in templates use sorted_for and add sort_by parameter with property you want to sort by. Also supports reversed parameter as the original for tag.

{% sorted_for node in site.pages reversed sort_by:weight %}
  {{ node.title }}
{% endsorted_for %}

To use custom sort property (eg. weight as in example above) add it to YAML Front Matter of your pages - see

module Jekyll
class SortedForTag < Liquid::For
def render(context)
sorted_collection = context[@collection_name].dup
sorted_collection.sort_by! { |i| i.to_liquid[@attributes['sort_by']] }
sorted_collection_name = "#{@collection_name}_sorted".sub('.', '_')
context[sorted_collection_name] = sorted_collection
@collection_name = sorted_collection_name
def end_tag
Liquid::Template.register_tag('sorted_for', Jekyll::SortedForTag)
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mbland commented Oct 1, 2012

Forked this as and added a few changes:

  • Add sorted_for_test
  • Allow sorted_for to handle arrays of primitives
  • Add sorted_keys_for tag to iterate over hash keys

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Forked also as because I needed to gsub the sorted_collection_name in my case where I had more than one dot already in the collection name

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