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Last active June 6, 2016 19:25
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Add pull request to existing issue on github
current_branch="$(git symbolic-ref HEAD 2>/dev/null)" || current_branch="(unknown)"
if [[ $current_branch = "(unknown)" ]]
echo "Unable to determine current branch!"
exit 1
echo "Project owner:"
echo " (the guy or the company which must accept your pull request)"
echo " ( -> symfony)"
read owner
echo "Project name:"
echo " ( -> TwigBundle)"
read project
echo "Issue number:"
read issue
echo "Base commit / branch (usually master):"
read base
curl \
-d "{ \"base\": \"$base\", \"head\": \"$github_username:$current_branch\", \"issue\": \"$issue\"}" \
-u "$github_token:x-oauth-basic" \$owner/$project/pulls
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PetrP commented Apr 20, 2012

HEAD must be on the branch which contains the pull request.

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