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# Azure AD v2 PowerShell Quickstart module install
# Azure AD has a GA version: AzureAD and Preview version: AzureADPreview
# Check available versions installed
Get-Module AzureAD -ListAvailable
Get-Module AzureADPreview -ListAvailable
# Install from PowerShell Gallery
Install-Module AzureAD
Install-Module AzureADPreview
# Update new versions from PS Gallery
Update-Module AzureAD
Update-Module AzureADPreview
# Check and uninstall old versions
$Latest = Get-InstalledModule ("AzureADPreview")
Get-InstalledModule ("AzureADPreview") -AllVersions | ? {$_.Version -ne $Latest.Version} | Uninstall-Module -WhatIf
# Check Commands, see also list of commands at: ref.
Get-Command -Module AzureADPreview
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