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#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require 'open-uri'
require 'rexml/document'
require 'rexml/xpath'
url = ''
headers = {'x-license-key' => 'YOUR LICENSE KEY'}
app_name = 'YOUR APPLICATION NAME' # the application for which you want to collect data
name = $0.split('_').last.split('.').first.downcase
sections = {
'cpu' => {:title => 'CPU', :metric => '%'},
'memory' => {:title => 'Memory', :metric => 'MB'},
'errors' => {:title => 'Errors', :metric => 'errors per minute'},
'response' => {:title => 'Response Time', :metric => 'ms'},
'throughput' => {:title => 'Throughput', :metric => 'calls per minute'},
'db' => {:title => 'DB', :metric => '%'}
unless sections.keys.member? name
puts "ERROR: specify section in #{sections.keys.inspect}"
puts "example: ln -s /usr/share/munin/plugins/relic.rb relic_db"
exit 1
section = sections[name]
if ARGV.first == 'autoconf'
puts 'yes'
exit 0
if ARGV.first == 'config'
puts "graph_category New Relic"
puts "graph_title #{section[:title]}"
puts "graph_vlabel #{section[:metric]}"
puts "#{name}.label #{name}"
exit 0
open(url, headers) do |f|
doc =
REXML::XPath.each(doc, "//application[name='#{app_name}']//threshold_value") do |metric|
if metric.attributes['name'].downcase.match(name)
puts "#{name}.value #{metric.attributes['metric_value']}"

JangoSteve commented Jun 21, 2010

Added support for having multiple applications under one account. Still works when you have only one application as long as you still specify the name of that application in the script.

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