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Original by Bert Hubert

What is life?

This question keeps many people awake at night and has led to rafts of definitions, some involving features (procreation, metabolism and so forth), some involving chemistry, entropy or energy flux and some are of a more philosophical bent. A BBC article noted there are over 100 definitions of life and it claims all are wrong.

And indeed it does appear to be quite a challenge - every hard and fast rule is violated somewhere in biology. There are things that are clearly alive, but never replicate. Plants typically do not move yet are extremely vital. Viruses do make copies of themselves, but need a host to do so. Are they alive? And once you have it all figured out, some wise person comes up with a crystal that somehow manages to create copies of itself, and points out that these copies even ‘inherit’ characteristics. Is the crystal alive? Similarly, “fire” consumes elements, moves and even replicates. Yet calling fire

Jared-Prime / sagemaker-gpu.dockerfile
Last active Mar 6, 2019
Dockerfile for running DonkeyCar training jobs on AWS Sagemaker
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FROM nvidia/cuda:9.0-base-ubuntu16.04
LABEL maintainer="Jared Davis <>"
# Pick up some TF dependencies
RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y --no-install-recommends \
build-essential \
cuda-command-line-tools-9-0 \
cuda-cublas-9-0 \
cuda-cufft-9-0 \
Jared-Prime / grpc.conf
Created Mar 9, 2018
sketch of what a gRPC backend to nginx might look like based off
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server {
listen 8443 ssl http2;
listen [::]:8443 ssl http2;
ssl_certificate /some/place/server.crt;
ssl_certificate_key /some/place/server.key;
location /internal {
proxy_http_version 2.0;
proxy_pass http://$some_ip:50051;
View loginv.go
package main
import (
// constants and inverse error function
// found from

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am jared-prime on github.
  • I am 1ijk ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key ASBCiwiAriRMub7tHOVk2ofaXDdmZUIuezlPSBsFSKlFaQo

To claim this, I am signing this object:

#!/usr/bin/env bash
set -o errexit
set -o nounset
set -o xtrace
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module Change where
data Coin a = Penny a | Nickel a | Dime a | Quarter a deriving (Eq, Ord, Show)
type Coins = [Coin Int]
denominations = [1, 5, 10, 25]
coinCount :: Int -> Int -> Coin Int
coinCount amount denomination
Jared-Prime /
Created Jan 26, 2016 — forked from DrMavenRebe/
Remove unlinked space from the docker drive
#!/usr/bin/env python
Check all existing Docker containers for their mapped paths, and then purge any
zombie directories in docker's volumes directory which don't correspond to an
existing container.
Taken from:
import logging
import os
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We must warn the reader about another semantic confusion which has caused error and controversy in probability theory for many decades. It would be quite wrong and misleading to call g(f) the ‘posterior distribution of f’, because that verbiage would imply to the unwary that f itself is varying and is ‘distributed’ in some way. This would be another form of the mind projection fallacy, confusing reality with a state of knowledge about reality. In the problem we are discussing, f is simply an unknown constant parameter; what is ‘distributed’ is not the parameter, but the probability. Use of the terminology ‘probability distribution for f’ will be followed, in order to emphasize this constantly.

Of course, nothing in probability theory forbids us to consider the possibility that f might vary with time or with circumstance; indeed, probability theory enables us to analyze that case fully, as we shall see later. But then we should recognize that we are considering a different problem than the one

View threadsafe.rb
module SidekiqThreadSafetyDemo
class Threadsafe
include Sidekiq::Worker
include Sidetiq::Schedulable
sidekiq_options :queue => :default
recurrence{ secondly }
@@count = 0