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Last active Feb 5, 2016
Advanced React.js Performance - Reactive 2015 Lightning Talk Proposal

Note: This is a submission for a Reactive2015 lightning talk. If you'd like to see a lightning talk about this (or read a detailed blog post if you are not going for the conference), vote for it by starring this gist! Thanks a lot!

Advanced React.js Performance

Performance is one of the reasons why React.js is so popular for building complex, highly interactive web applications. It became the go-to library for developers who don’t like to make compromises for technical reasons when building awesome user experiences. However even with React.js it still can be easy to hit it’s performance limits.

In this lightning talk Daniel will go beyond the basics of shouldComponentUpdate and immutable data structures and will discuss how to correctly instrument, measure and optimize performance in complex React apps. He will help you understand the overhead of different parts of the React component lifecycle, how some of it’