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LocaleManager for handling android language switch at runtime
public class LocaleManager {
private static final String LANGUAGE_KEY = "CHOOSE_LANGUAGE";
public static Context setLocale(Context c) {
String savedLanguage = getLanguage(c);
return savedLanguage == null ? c : updateResources(c, savedLanguage);
public static Context setNewLocale(Context c, String language) {
persistLanguage(c, language);
return updateResources(c, language);
public static Context setNewLocale(Context c, Locale newLocale) {
persistLanguage(c, newLocale.toString());
return updateResources(c, newLocale);
public static String getLanguage(Context c) {
SharedPreferences prefs = PreferenceManager.getDefaultSharedPreferences(c);
Locale currentLocale = getLocale(c.getResources());
return !prefs.contains(LANGUAGE_KEY) ? null : prefs.getString(LANGUAGE_KEY, currentLocale.toString());
private static void persistLanguage(Context c, String language) {
SharedPreferences prefs = PreferenceManager.getDefaultSharedPreferences(c);
// use commit() instead of apply(), because sometimes we kill the application process immediately
// which will prevent apply() to finish
prefs.edit().putString(LANGUAGE_KEY, language).commit();
private static Context updateResources(Context context, String language) {
Locale locale = new Locale(language);
return updateResources(context, locale);
private static Context updateResources(Context context, Locale locale) {
Resources res = context.getResources();
Configuration config = new Configuration(res.getConfiguration());
if (Build.VERSION.SDK_INT >= 17) {
context = context.createConfigurationContext(config);
// I need to set this so that recall setText(R.string.xxxx) works
res.updateConfiguration(config, res.getDisplayMetrics());
} else {
config.locale = locale;
res.updateConfiguration(config, res.getDisplayMetrics());
return context;
public static Locale getLocale(Resources res) {
Configuration config = res.getConfiguration();
return Build.VERSION.SDK_INT >= 24 ? config.getLocales().get(0) : config.locale;
public static Locale getSavedLocale(Context c){
String savedLanguage = getLanguage(c);
return savedLanguage == null ? getLocale(c.getResources()) : new Locale(getLanguage(c));

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@reuniware reuniware commented Jan 29, 2019

Hello. Thank you for this work. I have converted it to Kotlin :

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