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Last active April 1, 2020 08:35
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AZ DevOps CLI - Add Team Administrator
# Adding a Team Administrator
# credits: David
$myOrg = "<<your org>>/"
$newTeam = "Test Team"
$newAdmin = "<<user email>>"
$myProject = "Boards Demo"
echo $env:PAT | az devops login --organization $myOrg
# improve with team list
$team = az devops team create --name $newTeam --org $myOrg --project $myProject | ConvertFrom-Json
$user = az devops user show --user $newAdmin --organization $myOrg | ConvertFrom-Json
az devops security group membership add --group-id $team.identity.subjectDescriptor --member-id $user.user.descriptor --org $myOrg
az devops security permission update --id "5a27515b-ccd7-42c9-84f1-54c998f03866" --subject $user.user.principalName --token "$($team.projectId)\$($" --allow-bit 31 --org $myOrg
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