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RAC ViewModel Action after button pressed with textfield char count as button enabled condition
import Result
import ReactiveCocoa
import ReactiveSwift
import UIKit
import XCPlayground
struct ViewModel {
// do not expose the implementation detail
private let (codeSignal, codeSink) = Signal<String, NoError>.pipe()
// change mutable to read-only
// this will not let the changes outside of VM
// and only through the `setCode` method
let code: Property<String>
let openAction: Action<String, String, NoError>
init() {
code = Property(initial: "", then: codeSignal)
let validCodes = Property(capturing: { $0.characters.count > 4})
openAction = Action<String, String, NoError>(enabledIf: validCodes, { code -> SignalProducer<String, NoError> in
return SignalProducer<String, NoError> { observer, _ in
print("Code \(code) will be sent.")
observer.send(value: code)
public func setCode(_ code: String) {
codeSink.send(value: code)
// UI Declarations
let textField = UITextField(frame: CGRect(x: 0, y: 0, width: 360, height: 44))
textField.textColor = .white
textField.text = "P2525"
let button = UIButton(frame: CGRect(x: 0, y: 50, width: 360, height: 44))
button.setTitle("Open", for: .normal)
// Bindings
let viewModel = ViewModel()
// add the `setCode(_:)` function as
// the observer to code text field changes
// When button is pressed, trigger viewModel action with the property value
button.reactive.pressed = CocoaAction(viewModel.openAction, { _ in
return viewModel.code.value
// bind button's isEnabled to action's isEnabled and action's executing
button.reactive.isEnabled <~ Signal.merge(viewModel.openAction.isEnabled.signal, viewModel.openAction.isExecuting.signal)
// Let's assume the user types and then presses the button, for playground use.
textField.sendActions(for: .allEditingEvents)
button.sendActions(for: .touchUpInside)

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JaviLorbada commented Apr 6, 2017

Revisions have been made thanks to @eimantas and @sharplet, slack archive for better reference.

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