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[Stanford CS230: Deep Learning | Autumn 2018 | Lecture 1 - Class Introduction and Logistics]#stanford #cs230 #deep_learning

CS230 focuses on deep learning and goes the deepest in the practical know-how in how to apply these algorithms.

What has happened in the last decade is, the amount of math you need to be a great machine learning person has actually decreased. Do less math in CS230 but spend more time teaching you the practical know-how of how to actually apply these algorithms.

Internet era

Schopping mall + website ≠ Internet company:

  • A/B testing
  • Short shipping times.
  • Decision making by engineers.

AI era

Company + Neural network ≠ AI company:

  • Strategic data acquisition.
  • Unified data warehouses.
  • Pervasive automation.
  • New job descriptions.
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