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Created August 16, 2020 21:53
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DjBlue Accessible Tour

Dj Blue Accessible Tour

Welcome to the tour for Dj Blue! This tour will help learn the basics of this program.

With Dj Blue, there is one major thing that is at the core of how to use it: playlists.

The Lists menu is used to create playlists, open and save lists, and hide and close them.

When you create or open a playlist, they'll all appear in this main section. Now, we can start adding music to this new playlist!

Adding music is simply done via the Add menu here. Select where you're getting your music from, select the file(s), and then it's added in! You can also just drag and drop in local music files too.

Removing music is also simple. Select the tracks you don't want anymore (use the Ctrl key to select multiple), and then click on the Delete button to remove them.

Don't forget to save your changes as well! You can save your playlist at any time by clicking on this Save button.

When you're ready to start playing a particular list, you can click on the Play button.

You can also rename your playlist at any time by clicking on the name and typing in a new one. Remember to hit Save afterwards to save the new name too.

You can create or open multiple playlists, so you can manage them all at once! Multiple lists also allows you to switch between them while you're playlist music.

You can hide playlists you're currently not working on (but still want to keep open) by clicking on the Minimize button.

When you're done with a playlist, you can close it by clicking on the Close button.

Note that you can't close a playlist while you're currently playing it. You'll want to either stop playing music or switch the player to a different playlist first.

Once you've started playing music from a playlist, you can manage all the player controls down here.

Over here, you'll see your standard play controls, like play/pause, stop, skip to the next track, and jumping to different points in the current track.

Here, you can see what track is currently playing...

and here, you can see what track will be playing next!

You can change which track will play next by changing the options down here.

You can change which playlist Dj Blue will plyay from by selecting the list from here. Once Dj Blue is done with the current track, it'll switch over to this next playlist.

You can also change how Dj Blue plays the playlists. By default, it will just play the list in order, repeatedly, but you can change it to shuffle or other options too.

Over here, you can control the volume. Use the slider to quickly make big adjustments, or the numeric box for smaller ones. You can also mute (or un-mute) the music at any time by clicking on the Mute button above the numeric box.

Here, you can enable a number of effects, including crossfading, playback speed, and pitch shift. Each effect is in its own tab. The playback speed and pitch shift only apply to the currently playing track, and both reset back to normal once the next track starts.

It isn't difficult to learn how to enable and use these effects, but you can always use the online help if you want more information.

Way down here, you can view and enable the Equalizer, as another effect that changes how the playback sounds. The equalizer will remain on as long as you keep it on.

You can find many of these same options up here too, in the Playback menu.

The Options menu allows you to change different aspects of how Dj Blue works and plays music.

The Audio Outputs option allows you to change which audio device to send your music out to.

From this menu, you can manage the Discord bot that comes with Dj Blue. Once you set it up, you can use this in your Discord server to play music for your online friends!

Here, you can connect to other Dj Blue copies out there (like your friend's Dj Blue Discord bot). You can also allow others to conenct to this copy here, and view other settings too.

The Help menu contains links and more information about Dj Blue and how to use it, including this very tour!

And that is the basics of Dj Blue! Again, you can view this Tour again at any time by selecting it from the Help menu.

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