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Rather better than `$PSBoundParameters`
function Get-ParameterValues {
Get the actual values of parameters which have manually set (non-null) default values or values passed in the call
Unlike $PSBoundParameters, the hashtable returned from Get-ParameterValues includes non-empty default parameter values.
NOTE: Default values that are the same as the implied values are ignored (e.g.: empty strings, zero numbers, nulls).
function Test-Parameters {
$Name = $Env:UserName,
$Parameters = . Get-ParameterValues
# This WILL ALWAYS have a value...
Write-Host $Parameters["Name"]
# But this will NOT always have a value...
Write-Host $PSBoundParameters["Name"]
# The $MyInvocation for the caller -- DO NOT pass this (dot-source Get-ParameterValues instead)
$Invocation = $MyInvocation,
# The $PSBoundParameters for the caller -- DO NOT pass this (dot-source Get-ParameterValues instead)
$BoundParameters = $PSBoundParameters
if($MyInvocation.Line[($MyInvocation.OffsetInLine - 1)] -ne '.') {
throw "Get-ParameterValues must be dot-sourced, like this: . Get-ParameterValues"
if($PSBoundParameters.Count -gt 0) {
throw "You should not pass parameters to Get-ParameterValues, just dot-source it like this: . Get-ParameterValues"
$ParameterValues = @{}
foreach($parameter in $Invocation.MyCommand.Parameters.GetEnumerator()) {
# gm -in $parameter.Value | Out-Default
try {
$key = $parameter.Key
if($null -ne ($value = Get-Variable -Name $key -ValueOnly -ErrorAction Ignore)) {
if($value -ne ($null -as $parameter.Value.ParameterType)) {
$ParameterValues[$key] = $value
if($BoundParameters.ContainsKey($key)) {
$ParameterValues[$key] = $BoundParameters[$key]
} finally {}

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elovelan commented Oct 10, 2018

@Jaykul, I've been using for a while now (though I just remembered to post it) and it avoids dot-sourcing by using Get-Value -Scope 1 -ValueOnly. Can you see any flaws in my approach?

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