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shallowlong / [Android] Enable DEBUG mode in HUAWEI phone
Created January 13, 2014 16:42
How to enable the "DEBUG" level log in a HUAWEI android phone (not checking the different kinds of HUAWEI phones, but should be okay to use). The problem here is that in the LogCat, the debug level logs cannot be viewed when using a HUAWEI android phone. There are several steps to activate the DEBUG level log inside a HUAWEI phone. This knowledg…
View [Android] Enable DEBUG mode in HUAWEI phone
dial *#*#2846579#*#*
select 'ProjectMenu'
select 'Background Setting'
select 'Log Setting'
select 'Log Switch'
enable 'LOG on'
Select 'Log level setting'
enable 'DEBUG'
Press the 'Back' key
select 'Dump and Log'