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LocalFile Contents Scratch
{ fieldname: 'file',
originalname: 'Advanced',
name: '',
encoding: '7bit',
mimetype: 'text/markdown',
path: '/var/folders/ck/y02pffhs31xd_k4xc9xmn3hw0000gn/T/',
extension: 'md',
size: 7703,
truncated: false,
buffer: null } }
dest: 'uploads',
filename (file) {
if (options.overwrite) return file.originalname;
return + '-' + + '-' + file.originalname;
format (value) {
return value.path.substr(value.path.lastIndexOf('/'));
href (value) {
return value.path.replace(/uploads/, 'files/uploaded');
type: 'text/markdown',
filename: 'Advanced',
path: 'uploads',
size: 7703,
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