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Last active Jan 29, 2016
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Notes on tmux.

tmux Notes


  • PREFIX :source-file <filename> Reload the tmux config from
  • unbind Remove a keybinding
  • set -g escape-time 0 tmux adds a delay to sending the escape key in case it is followed by escape sequences. This makes that delay zero. This is nice for using vim under tmux.

Copy / Paste

The default copy / paste commands:

  • PREFIX [ to enter copy mode
  • space to select start of selection
  • enter to end selection and copy text to paste buffer
  • PREFIX ] to paste the contents of the paste buffer
  • PREFIX # to see the contents of the paste buffer
  • capture-pane copy entire visible contens of a pane into the paste buffer
  • save-buffer <filename> saves the buffer contents to
  • list-buffers list all paste buffers
  • PREFIX = list all paste buffers and choose one to paste from

Windows and Panes

  • move-window -s src-window -t dst-window Move a window, use full session_name:window format for a different session
  • join-pane -s :3 join the current window with window 3 in the current session
  • join-pane -s code:3 -t writing:4 Merge window 4 from the 'writing' session with window 3 in the 'code' session.
  • :swap-window -s 4 -t 0 Swap windows 4 and 0
  • PREFIX z zoom into (make "fullscreen") the current window pane, press again to zoom out
  • PREFIX ! moves current pane to its own window
  • PREFIX ; switch to most recently used pane
  • PREFIX f Find a window by name.
  • PREFIX w View a list of windows open in the current session.


  • PREFIX ( Move to previous session
  • PREFIX ) Move to next session
  • PREFIX s Choose from list of sessions
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