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Learning rust

Choon-Siang Lai Jeffrey04

Learning rust
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import time
import json
import requests
from lxml.html import fromstring
def pokemon_get_type(tree):
result = []
for _type in tree.cssselect('.itype'):
Jeffrey04 /
Created Aug 29, 2018
Implementing Simple Linked List @ Exercism
pub struct SimpleLinkedList<T> {
head: Option<Box<Node<T>>>,
pub struct Node<T> {
data: T,
next: Option<Box<Node<T>>>,
impl<T> SimpleLinkedList<T> {
pub trait Functor<F, V> {
fn fmap(self, func: F) -> V;
pub trait Monad<F, U> {
fn bind(self, func: F) -> U;
pub trait Applicative<F, U> {
fn lift(self, func: F) -> U;
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morphism = function = arrow category: objects and arrows source = origin of arrow target = destination of arrow


f :: A -> B

Jeffrey04 / count_digits.php
Created Dec 4, 2012
Count the number of digits of a number
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#!/usr/bin/env php
function count_digits($number, $base = 10) {
return get_n(
intval(is_string($number) ? strval($number) : $number, $base)
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