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Laravel Resource - Sublime Text 2 Snippet
// ${1} Resource
Route::get('${1}s', array('as' => '${1}s', 'uses' => '${1}s@index'));
Route::get('${1}s/(:any)', array('as' => '${1}', 'uses' => '${1}s@show'));
Route::get('${1}s/new', array('as' => 'new_${1}', 'uses' => '${1}s@new'));
Route::get('${1}s/(:any)edit', array('as' => 'edit_${1}', 'uses' => '${1}s@edit'));
Route::post('${1}s', '${1}s@create');
Route::put('${1}s/(:any)', '${1}s@update');
Route::delete('${1}s/(:any)', '${1}s@destroy');
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SimonJ commented Sep 29, 2012

Thanks ! :)


I'm confused by line #7, should there be a "/" between (:any)edit? So that it is (:any)/edit? If not why not, it doesn't seem like that creates a proper url.

Thanks for this though.


Agreed with drfraker.

In the video there's a /

meSingh commented Jan 31, 2013

drfraker is right and here is the fixed version for it


Can you please tell me how to use this, I tried by

Tools -> New Snippet -> and pasted that code there and saved in desktop. Kindly suggest me how to do this.

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