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Laravel aliases
# laravel new-app
alias laravel="git clone -o laravel -b develop"
alias artisan="php artisan"
alias migrate="php artisan migrate"
alias serve="php artisan serve"
alias dump="php artisan dump"
alias t="phpunit"
# Generators Package
alias g:c="php artisan generate:controller"
alias g:m="php artisan generate:model"
alias g:v="php artisan generate:view"
alias g:mig="php artisan generate:migration"
alias g:t="php artisan generate:test"
alias g:r="php artisan generate:resource"
alias g:s="php artisan generate:scaffold"
alias g:f="php artisan generate:form"
# Git
alias ga="git add"
alias gaa="git add ."
alias gc="git commit -m"
alias gp="git push"
alias gs="git status"
alias gl="git log"

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@Reegan01 Reegan01 commented Jul 4, 2017

I tried in my windows

>alias pa="php artisan"

'alias' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.


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@vikas5914 vikas5914 commented Jul 14, 2017


Alias command is not for windows. Its for MacOS or Linux


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@aalaap aalaap commented Aug 29, 2017

@Reegan01 on Windows, you could make a batch file called pa.cmd with this in it:

php artisan %*

and keep it in a folder within your system path. Then simply run pa serve or whatever you want and it should work.

You might want to look into using a *nix based dev environment. You can either use Ubuntu on Windows (that's possible with the new Windows 10 version), or a VM-based solution such as Scotch Box.

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