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@Jegge Jegge/Localizable.strings
Last active Aug 19, 2019

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Localized enums in Swift
"Test_a" = "AAAAA";
"Test_b" = "BBBBB";
"Test_c" = "CCCCC";
"Test_d" = "DDDDD";
enum Test: LocalizedStringConvertible {
case a, b, c, d
print(Test.a, Test.b, Test.c, Test.d)
// a b c d
print(Test.a.resourceKey, Test.b.resourceKey, Test.c.resourceKey, Test.d.resourceKey)
// Test_a Test_b Test_c Test_d
print(Test.a.localizedDescription, Test.b.localizedDescription, Test.c.localizedDescription, Test.d.localizedDescription)
import Foundation
protocol LocalizedStringConvertible {
var resourceKey: String { get }
var resourceComment: String { get }
var localizedDescription: String { get }
extension LocalizedStringConvertible {
var resourceKey: String {
return "\(String(describing: type(of: self)))_\(String(describing: self))"
var resourceComment: String {
return "Localization for value '\(String(describing: self))' in enum '\(String(describing: type(of: self)))'"
var localizedDescription: String {
return NSLocalizedString(resourceKey, comment: resourceComment)
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