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/* InstantClick 3.1.0 | (C) 2014-2017 Alexandre Dieulot | */
var instantclick,
InstantClick = (instantclick = (function(document, location, $userAgent) {
// Internal variables
var $currentLocationWithoutHash,
mattlima / 01_rails_6_on_beanstalk.config
Last active February 1, 2024 19:22
Beanstalk config script for Rails 6
# Beanstalk ain't ready for Rails 6. This fix is courtesy of
# Additional node 6 cleanup courtesy of
command: "/bin/rm -rf /var/cache/yum && /usr/bin/yum remove -y nodejs && /bin/rm /etc/yum.repos.d/nodesource* && /usr/bin/yum clean all"
ignoreErrors: true
command: "curl --silent --location | sudo bash -"
GermaniumSystem / pwnagotchi notes
Last active March 7, 2024 14:37
How to set up a pwnagotchi in 25* simple steps.
I have no idea if any of this is the "right" way of doing it. This is just how I got my unit working.
Good luck.
WARNING: Do not use a V1 Waveshare display module with a stock pwnagotchi! The pwnagotchi expects a V2 module, and may irreparably damage a V1 module!
A V1 display module *can* work, but you must modify `` and `` beforehand. For the time being, this is left as an exercise for the reader.
If you have already burnt a V1 display, try disconnecting it from the Pi and leaving it overnight. This may rejuvenate the display somewhat, but it will likely still display signs of damage.
1. `dd` Raspbian Lite to an SD card.
JasonTrue /
Last active March 7, 2024 14:42
Searchkick and Elastic Search guidance



By default, simply adding the call 'searchkick' to a model will do an unclever indexing of all fields (but not has_many or belongs_to attributes).

In practice, you'll need to customize what gets indexed. This is done by defining a method on your model called search_data

def search_data

import axios from 'axios'
import jsifyKeysDeep from 'jsify-case-keys-deep' // Like `camelcase-keys-deep` but also transforms suffix '?' with prefix `is`
import decamelizeKeysDeep from 'decamelize-keys-deep'
import Qs from 'qs'
export default (baseURL) => {
const axiosClient = axios.create({
responseType: 'json',
mode: "000755"
content: |
description "Elastic Beanstalk Sidekiq Upstart Manager"
start on runlevel [2345]
stop on runlevel [06]
# explained above
respawn limit 2 30
bisubus / ES5-ES6-ES2017-ES2019 omit & pick
Last active April 13, 2024 21:03
ES5/ES6/ES2017/ES2019 omit & pick
strzibny / unused_routes.rb
Created May 5, 2016 15:21
Find unused routes in Rails
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# Extracted from traceroute gem + checking the presence of views as well
require_relative './config/environment.rb'
class Traceroute
def initialize(app)
@app = app
vanwhale / gist:f74879e0549b67eb17bb
Last active February 18, 2018 18:54
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require "codeclimate-test-reporter"
node_index = ENV['CIRCLE_NODE_INDEX'].to_i
node_total = ENV['CIRCLE_NODE_TOTAL'].to_i
artifacts_dir = ENV['CIRCLE_ARTIFACTS']
coverage_dir = File.join("..", "..", "..", ENV['CIRCLE_ARTIFACTS'], "coverage")
filename = '.resultset.json'
kpheasey / 0000_packages.config
Last active September 16, 2019 21:56 — forked from gcarrion-gfrmedia/0000_packages.config
AWS Elastic Beanstalk Ruby 2.2 Puma Sidekiq
git: []
htop: []