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Automatically managing personal and work git email

In order to differentiate your professional and personal email address when working on git repositories, here is how I proceeded.

1. Create a global git hooks folder

Create a folder where you will drop the hooks that should apply to each repository. And set the core.hooksPath on this folder

git config --global core.hooksPath /path/to/my/centralized/hooks

2. Create a post-checkout hook

The hook post-checkout is triggered when you change branch, and also on the git clone. So it'll be executed for existing repo, and those you will clone later.

See post-checkout file below to see what I put in.

Don't forget to add execution permission on your new hook :

chmod +x post-checkout

⚠ The core.hooksPath support is new in Git version 2.9.

set -e
repoUrl=`git config --get remote.origin.url`
currentEmail=`git config`
if [[ $repoUrl == *$companyName* ]] && [ "$currentEmail" != "$companyEmail" ]
git config $companyEmail
printf "🏢 It's a company repository. \n\nThe git config has been setted to $companyEmail 🎉 \n"
# Reset classic local git hooks
git config core.hooksPath ".git/hooks"
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