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Created December 25, 2020 02:34
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Suggestions for NixOS developers
Offer nixos-enter after nixos-install as Per
After one has installed NixOS as per the instructions at:
consider prompting the user and offering to perform nixos-enter to chroot into /mnt.
This can allow the new user to explore their new installation before reboot; but it also teaches them how they might later
use the nix-enter command for rescue perposes.
Of course getting value of this is in providing enough information in the prompt to inform the user of the option,
offer them more info, and showing them what it's doing (much as the web page is already doing; but presented there
during the installation.
Also I would love to spin a custom build of NixOS which check the EFI boot device for a digitally signed shell script
and automatically exeutes that after boot. (This would be, effectively, like a boot-to-nuke Kickstart for new systems)
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