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Jip-Hop /
Created May 16, 2022 — forked from tprelog/
Use docker and docker-compose on TrueNAS SCALE without Kubernetes
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Enable docker and docker-compose on TrueNAS SCALE (no Kubernetes)
# This script is a hack! Use it at your own risk!!
# Using this script to enable Docker is NOT SUPPORTED by ix-systems!
# You CANNOT use SCALE Apps while using this script!
# 1 Create a dedicated Docker dataset in one of your zpools
Jip-Hop / pop-up-videos.js
Created Oct 3, 2021
Open all videos in a tab as pop-up windows. Basic (non-extension) version of To be copy-pasted in the browser console.
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(function enable() {
var titleSuffixCounter = 0;
var popupWidth = 480;
var popupHeight = 270;
var xOffset = screen.availLeft,
yOffset = screen.availTop;
const data = {
windows: [],
Jip-Hop /
Last active Sep 8, 2022
Using Docker on TrueNAS SCALE (no Kubernetes)
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Using Docker on TrueNAS SCALE (no Kubernetes)
# Don't setup Apps via the TrueNAS Web GUI (don't choose a pool for Apps when asked)
# Make a dedicated docker dataset on one of your data pools
# Store this script somewhere else on your pool (not in the Docker dataset)
# Make a daemon.json file in the same directory with the following contents:
# {"data-root": "/mnt/path/to/desired/docker/dataset/", "exec-opts": ["native.cgroupdriver=cgroupfs"]}
# Then schedule this script to start via System Settings -> Advanced -> Init/Shutdown Scripts -> Add:
Jip-Hop /
Created Apr 25, 2021
Booting from Custom Tiny Core Linux for Read Only Filesystem (SED PBA) Notes
# references
# follow these steps on Ubuntu
sudo su
qemu-img create core-image.img 120M -f raw
modprobe nbd max_part=8 && sleep 2 && qemu-nbd -c /dev/nbd0 core-image.img -f raw
Jip-Hop /
Created Apr 25, 2021 — forked from dankrause/
Create a custom tinycore linux iso. Adjust the config at the beginning of the script, or supply a conf as the first arg. Requires xorriso.
set -e
function cleanup() {
# clean up our temp folder
rm -rf "${TMPDIR}"
trap cleanup EXIT
Jip-Hop /
Created Feb 28, 2021
Autorun Synology Hyper Backup and Integrity Check with Email Notifications
# This script is to be used in combination with Synology Autorun:
# -
# -
# You need to change the task_id to match your Hyper Backup task.
# Get it with command: more /usr/syno/etc/synobackup.conf
# I like to keep "Beep at start and end" disabled in Autorun, because I don't
Jip-Hop / index.html
Created Jan 4, 2020
Native window open not transparent...
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<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset="UTF-8">
<!-- All of the Node.js APIs are available in this renderer process. -->
We are using Node.js <script>document.write(process.versions.node)</script>,
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-- PLAY key menu
-- Use PLAY button to toggle RAW video preferences
play_key_timestamp = nil
currently_selected_preset = nil
last_run_preset = nil
before_last_run_preset = nil
-- TODO: find a better way to set resolution in "RAW video" submenu
View ETC.lua
-- Crop mode toggle
-- Toggle between 3x crop mode
-- end this script if not eosm
if camera.model_short ~= "EOSM" then
display.notify_box("Script not working on this cam");
import os, numpy as np
from import wavfile
def show_info(aname, a):
print "Array", aname
print "shape:", a.shape
print "dtype:", a.dtype
print "min, max:", a.min(), a.max()
audio_folder_name = 'left_audio_track'