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Python USB barcode reader
import evdev
from evdev import *
from import QueueService, QueueMessageFormat
import threading
import time
from queue import *
import datetime
# responsible for uploading the barcodes to the azure storage queue.
class BarcodeUploader:
def __init__(self):
# Instiantiate the azure queue service (from the package)
self.queue_service = QueueService(account_name='wereoutof', account_key='your-key-here')
# azure functions is _very_ confused is the text isn't base64 encoded
self.queue_service.encode_function = QueueMessageFormat.text_base64encode
# use a simple queue to avoid blocking operations
self.queue = LifoQueue()
t = threading.Thread(target=self.worker, args=())
t.daemon = True
# processes all messages (barcodes) in queue - uploading them to azure one by one
def worker(self):
while True:
while not self.queue.empty():
barcode = self.queue.get()
self.queue_service.put_message('barcodes', u'account-key:' + barcode)
except Exception as exc:
print("Exception occured when uploading barcode:" + repr(exc))
# re-submit task into queue
print("Barcode " + barcode + " registered")
def register(self, barcode):
print "Registering barcode " + barcode + "..."
current_barcode = ""
# Reads barcode from "device"
def readBarcodes():
global current_barcode
print ("Reading barcodes from device")
for event in device.read_loop():
if event.type == evdev.ecodes.EV_KEY and event.value == 1:
keycode = categorize(event).keycode
if keycode == 'KEY_ENTER':
current_barcode = ""
current_barcode += keycode[4:]
# Finds the input device with the name "Barcode Reader ".
# Could and should be parameterized, of course. Device name as cmd line parameter, perhaps?
def find_device():
device_name = 'Barcode Reader '
devices = [evdev.InputDevice(fn) for fn in evdev.list_devices()]
for d in devices:
if == device_name:
print("Found device " +
device = d
return device
# Find device...
device = find_device()
if device is None:
print("Unable to find " + device_name)
#... instantiate the uploader...
uploader = BarcodeUploader()
# ... and read the bar codes.
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markusressel commented Oct 15, 2020

Thx, this has been very helpful 🥰
If you want to prevent the barcode scanner from cluttering up your TTY, have a look at this:
I just found out that evdev also supports this
I have written a small daemon that should hopefully make it easier for others to read the input of barcode scanners and send it to some other application via websocket:

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