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using System;
using samples.core.Controls;
using samples.Droid.Effects;
using Xamarin.Forms;
using Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android;
[assembly: ExportEffect(typeof(EntryMoveNextEffect), nameof(EntryMoveNextEffect))]
namespace samples.Droid.Effects
public class EntryMoveNextEffect : PlatformEffect
protected override void OnAttached()
// Check if the attached element is of the expected type and has the NextEntry
// property set. if so, configure the keyboard to indicate there is another entry
// in the form and the dismiss action to focus on the next entry
if (base.Element is EntryMoveNextControl xfControl && xfControl.NextEntry != null)
var entry = (Android.Widget.EditText)Control;
entry.ImeOptions = Android.Views.InputMethods.ImeAction.Next;
entry.EditorAction += (sender, args) =>
protected override void OnDetached()
// Intentionally empty
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