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Convert TIFF to PDF Using the Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit
* Copyright Datalogics, Inc. 2015
package pdfjt.cookbook.imaging;
import java.awt.image.BufferedImage;
import java.util.Iterator;
import javax.imageio.ImageIO;
import javax.imageio.ImageReader;
import javax.imageio.metadata.IIOMetadata;
import javax.imageio.metadata.IIOMetadataFormatImpl;
import javax.imageio.metadata.IIOMetadataNode;
import org.w3c.dom.NodeList;
import pdfjt.util.SampleFileServices;
import com.adobe.pdfjt.core.types.ASMatrix;
import com.adobe.pdfjt.core.types.ASRectangle;
import com.adobe.pdfjt.pdf.document.PDFDocument;
import com.adobe.pdfjt.pdf.document.PDFOpenOptions;
import com.adobe.pdfjt.pdf.document.PDFSaveFullOptions;
import com.adobe.pdfjt.pdf.document.PDFVersion;
* Overview:
* Start by creating a new PDF document that will be used to add the
* images to. We start with a blank first page, add the first page of
* the multi-page TIFF and then loop through the rest of the pages. The
* goal is to create a series of PDF pages where the only page content
* is the corresponding image page from the multipage TIFF and the
* resolution of the PDF page and the original resolution of the TIFF are
* the same... or very close.
public class tiff2pdf {
private static final String inputURL = "";
private static final String outputDir = "cookbook/Imaging/output";
private static final String outputFilename = "PDF_from_TIFF.pdf";
private static final Double mmPerIn = 25.4; //millimeters per inch
* @param args
public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
ImageReader reader = null;
Iterator<ImageReader> imageReaders = ImageIO.getImageReadersByFormatName("TIFF");
if (imageReaders.hasNext()) {
reader =;
else {
System.out.println("A TIFF Reader isn't available");
reader.setInput(ImageIO.createImageInputStream(new URL(inputURL).openStream()));
//Get the first page of the multipage TIFF
BufferedImage bufferedImage =;
* Get the image metadata so we can get the pixel density and use it to
* calculate the height and width of the correct size PDF page in points
* such that the resolution of the image on the page matches the
* original resolution in the TIFF.
Double pixelsPerMM = getPixelsPerMM(reader.getImageMetadata(0));
Double pageWidth = Math.floor(pixelsPerMM/mmPerIn*72*bufferedImage.getWidth());
Double pageHeight = Math.floor(pixelsPerMM/mmPerIn*72*bufferedImage.getHeight());
* Create a PDF document with the first page being the same size first
* image in the TIFF
PDFDocument pdfDocument = PDFDocument.newInstance(new ASRectangle(new double[] { 0, 0, pageWidth, pageHeight }),
// Convert the BufferedImage to a PDFXObjectImage
PDFXObjectImage image = ImageManager.getPDFImage(bufferedImage, pdfDocument);
* Create a default external graphics state which describes how graphics
* are to be rendered on a device.
PDFExtGState pdfExtGState = PDFExtGState.newInstance(pdfDocument);
* Create a transformation matrix which maps positions from user
* coordinates to device coordinates. There is no transform taking place
* here though but it is a required parameter.
ASMatrix asMatrix = new ASMatrix(pageWidth, 0, 0, pageHeight, 0, 0);
* Now add the image to the first PDF page using the graphics state and
* the transformation matrix.
pdfDocument.requirePages().getPage(0), // the first page of the document
System.out.println("Page 1 image added.");
// Now do the above for every page in the TIFF adding a new blank PDF for each image
int pages = reader.getNumImages(true);
for (int pageNum = 1; pageNum < pages; pageNum++) {
bufferedImage =;
pixelsPerMM = getPixelsPerMM(reader.getImageMetadata(pageNum));
pageWidth = Math.floor(pixelsPerMM/mmPerIn*72*bufferedImage.getWidth());
pageHeight = Math.floor(pixelsPerMM/mmPerIn*72*bufferedImage.getHeight());
image = ImageManager.getPDFImage(bufferedImage, pdfDocument);
// Create a new blank PDF Page
PDFPage newPage = PDFPage.newInstance(pdfDocument, PDFRectangle.newInstance(pdfDocument,0, 0, pageWidth, pageHeight));
// Add the blank PDF page to the pages tree
// Add the image to the blank page.
new ASMatrix(pageWidth, 0, 0, pageHeight, 0, 0));
System.out.println("Page "+(pageNum+1)+" image added.");
* Save the file
ByteWriter outputWriter = SampleFileServices.getRAFByteWriter(outputDir + File.separator + outputFilename);, PDFSaveFullOptions.newInstance(PDFVersion.v1_7));
private static Double getPixelsPerMM(IIOMetadata metadata) {
//This code assumes square pixels so it only gets the horizontal measurement
IIOMetadataNode standardTree = (IIOMetadataNode) metadata.getAsTree(IIOMetadataFormatImpl.standardMetadataFormatName);
IIOMetadataNode dimension = (IIOMetadataNode) standardTree.getElementsByTagName("Dimension").item(0);
NodeList pixelSizes = dimension.getElementsByTagName("HorizontalPixelSize");
IIOMetadataNode pixelSize = (IIOMetadataNode) pixelSizes.item(0);
return Double.parseDouble(pixelSize.getAttribute("value"));
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