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The Family Tree of the Reia Programming Language
digraph Reia {
Planner -> Prolog [label="Logic Programming"];
Planner -> Actors [label="Carl Hewitt"];
Prolog -> Erlang [label="Syntax, Semantics"];
Erlang -> Reia [label="Execution and Concurrency Semantics"];
Planner -> "Smalltalk-71" [label="Pattern-directed Execution"];
"Smalltalk-71" -> Actors [label="Message-directed Execution"];
Actors -> Erlang [label="Execution and Concurrency Semantics"];
Actors -> Reia [label="Execution and Concurrency Semantics"];
"Smalltalk-71" -> Smalltalk [label="Object Semantics"];
Smalltalk -> Ruby [label="Object Semantics"];
Ruby -> Reia [label="Object Semantics"];
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