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Created September 20, 2017 19:31
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Extensible scan sample
private void onStartScanClicked(@NonNull View view) {
final Func1<ScanResult, Pair<ScanResult, HBData>> mapToData = scanResult ->
new Pair<>(scanResult,
new HBData(scanResult.getScanRecord()));
final Func1<Pair<ScanResult, HBData>, Boolean> filter = result -> {
switch (mFiler) {
case GROW:
return result.second.isScale();
case REST:
return result.second.isNightlight();
return result.second.isRecoveryMode();
return result.second.isHBBleDevice() || result.second.isRecoveryMode();
final Func1<Pair<ScanResult, HBData>, HBBleDevice> mapToDevice = result -> {
if (result.second.isScale()) {
return new Scale(result.first.getBleDevice());
} else if (result.second.isNightlight()) {
return new Nightlight(result.first.getBleDevice());
} else {
return null;
.startScanBy(mapToData, filter, mapToDevice)
Observable.interval(10, TimeUnit.SECONDS)
bleDevice ->
throwable ->
Timber.e(throwable, "Error scanning"),
() -> {
Timber.d("Scan finished!");
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