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update Gentoo Linux
#rm /usr/portage/distfiles/*
renice +20 -p $$
ionice -c3 -p $$
pgrep emerge >/dev/null || rm /var/tmp/portage/*-* -rf
emerge-webrsync && eix-update
ARGS="--quiet-build --load-average=10 --jobs=3"
echo emerge -tv --keep-going --update --deep --newuse $ARGS @system
MAKEOPTS="-j4" emerge -tv --keep-going --update --deep --newuse $ARGS @system
echo emerge -tv --keep-going --update --deep --newuse $ARGS @world
MAKEOPTS="-j4" emerge -tv --keep-going --update --deep --newuse $ARGS @world
#MAKEOPTS="-j4" emerge $ARGS -1tv x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers x11-drivers/xf86-input-evdev &&
#eselect opengl set nvidia
python-updater -- $ARGS
revdep-rebuild -- $ARGS
#emerge -tv --depclean -a
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