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Last active October 18, 2023 19:54
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Get all validation errors for Angular FormGroup
import { FormGroup, ValidationErrors } from '@angular/forms';
export function getFormValidationErrors(form: FormGroup) {
const result = [];
Object.keys(form.controls).forEach(key => {
const controlErrors: ValidationErrors = form.get(key).errors;
if (controlErrors) {
Object.keys(controlErrors).forEach(keyError => {
'control': key,
'error': keyError,
'value': controlErrors[keyError]
return result;
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You might want to remove that space after the key "control " (drove me crazy)

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wow! that's evil! 😄


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domagoj03 commented Oct 14, 2019

Thanks. I needed support for nested forms so I forked your gist.
It can even be modified to namespace errors depending on form but right now this seems sufficient.

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WildChildForLife commented Feb 14, 2022

Useful, thanks !

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