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JohnAllsopp / Private Browsing and localStorage
Created Dec 13, 2011
Private Browsing and localStorage - different browsers handle it differently
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What happens to localStorage when different browsers are in private browsing mode?
Safari returns null for any item set using localStorage.setItem either before or during the private browsing session. In essence, neither sessionStorage or localStorage are available in private brosing mode
Chrome and Opera return items set previous to private ("incognito") browsing, but once private browsing commences, treats localStorage like sessionStorage (only items set on the localStorage by that session will be returned) but like localStorage for other private windows and tabs
Firefox, like Chrome will not retrieve items set on locaStorage prior to a private session starting, but in private browsing treats localStorage like sessionStoroage for non private windows and tabs, but like localStorage for other private windows and tabs
JohnAllsopp / HTML5 Audio formats
Created Jul 20, 2011
HTML5 Audio format/codec browser support
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<caption>Codec support in modern browsers</caption>
<th>Ogg Vorbis</th>