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Created July 9, 2018 20:27
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Introduction to Web Components & Polymer Workshop

Introduction to Web Components & Polymer Workshop

Hello Mid-Atlantic Developer Conference! 👋

Thanks for coming to the hands-on introduction to Web Components & Polymer!

Please complete the following steps to get started:

  1. Install Git: Mac OSX & Linux Users | Windows Users

  2. Mac OSX & Linux Users:

    • Install NVM
    • Follow the instructions in your terminal
    • Install the latest version of Node: nvm install --lts
    • Make sure subsequent commands you use use the latest version of Node with NVM: nvm use --lts (this will persist until you close your terminal tab)
  3. Install the Polymer CLI globally: npm install -g polymer-cli

  4. Clone the Polymer Google Maps Codelab (git clone to your local directory where you store your code

  5. cd polymer-maps and install the dependencies for that project by running npm install

  6. Clone the wc-toast repo & follow the instructions on to get the dependencies & repo set up

  7. Obtain a Google Maps API key and record that somewhere it will be easy to copy from so you can paste it into your code during the workshop. Note Google now requires a Credit Card to obtain a key. If you don't wish to provide Google a Credit Card, a temporary key will be shared for use during the workshop.


Click here to view & download the slides


Join the #webcomponents Mid-Atlantic Developer Conference Slack Channel and ask questions in there. I'm happy to help before, during, and after the workshop :-)


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