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A function that enables you to easily wrap throwing APIs, to provide a custom error
* Perform a throwing expression, and throw a custom error in case the expression threw
* - parameter expression: The expression to execute
* - parameter error: The custom error to throw instead of the expression's error
* - throws: The given error
* - returns: The return value of the given expression
func perform<T>(_ expression: @autoclosure () throws -> T, orThrow errorExpression: @autoclosure () -> Error) throws -> T {
do {
return try expression()
} catch {
throw errorExpression()

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BenziAhamed commented Feb 24, 2017

You should probably also mark the error parameter as an autoclosure, letting it be created only when an error happens.


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marcosgriselli commented Aug 11, 2017

I had to go with

catch _ { 
    throw error

as catch was using the error thrown on try rather than the error passed in the function

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