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Forked from marcan/
Created August 4, 2017 16:57
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Simple Bloom filter implementation in Python 3 (for use with the HIBP password list)
# Simple Bloom filter implementation in Python 3
# Copyright 2017 Hector Martin "marcan" <>
# Licensed under the terms of the MIT license
# Written to be used with the Have I been pwned? password list:
# Download the pre-computed filter here (629MB, k=11, false positive p=0.0005):
# Also works as a generic file-backed bloom filter for other purposes.
# Use something like this to work out what 'm' and 'k' you need:
# Examples:
# $ python load -m 5033164800 -k 11 -l passwords.bloom pwned-passwords-1.0.txt
# $ python load -l passwords.bloom pwned-passwords-update-1.txt
# $ python test -s passwords.bloom letmein
# Found
# $ python test -s passwords.bloom si2v8jX4LG
# Not found
# $ python3
# >>> from hashlib import sha1
# >>> from bloom import BloomFilter
# >>> filter = bloom.BloomFilter("pwned-passwords-1.0u1.bloom")
# >>> filter.contains(sha1(b"p4ssword").hexdigest())
# True
# >>> filter.contains(sha1(b"super_secure_password").hexdigest())
# False
import os, json, mmap
from hashlib import md5
class BloomFilter(object):
ALIGN = 16384
THRESHOLD = 2**32 # for uniformity, rehash after fewer bits left
def __init__(self, filename, m=None, k=None, readonly=False):
self.bits = None
if os.path.exists(filename):, readonly=readonly)
elif readonly:
raise IOError("File %s not found" % filename)
elif m is None or k is None:
raise ValueError("Filter does not exist and m/k not provided")
self.create(filename, m, k)
def open(self, filename, readonly=True):
fd = open(filename, "rb" if readonly else "r+b")
hdr = json.loads(fd.readline().decode("ascii"))
self.m = hdr["m"]
self.k = hdr["k"]
self.size = hdr["size"]
self.offset = hdr["offset"]
self.threshold = hdr["threshold"]
self.bits = mmap.mmap(fd.fileno(), self.size, offset=self.offset,
prot=(mmap.PROT_READ |
(mmap.PROT_WRITE if not readonly else 0)))
def create(self, filename, m, k):
fd = open(filename, "w+b")
size = (m + 7) // 8
size = (size + self.ALIGN - 1) & ~(self.ALIGN - 1)
self.m = m
self.k = k
self.size = size
self.offset = self.ALIGN
self.threshold = self.THRESHOLD
hdr = {
"m": m,
"k": k,
"offset": self.ALIGN,
"size": size,
"threshold": self.THRESHOLD,
fd.write(json.dumps(hdr).encode("ascii") + b"\n") + self.ALIGN - 1)
self.bits = mmap.mmap(fd.fileno(), self.size, offset=self.offset)
def hash(self, s):
capacity = 0
val = 0
if isinstance(s, str):
s = s.encode("utf-8")
for i in range(self.k):
if capacity < self.threshold:
s = md5(s).digest()
val = int.from_bytes(s, byteorder='big')
capacity = 1 << 128
h = val % self.m
val //= self.m
capacity //= self.m
yield h
def add(self, s):
for h in self.hash(s):
byte, bit = h >> 3, h & 7
self.bits[byte] |= 1 << bit
def update(self, iterable):
for s in iterable:
for h in self.hash(s):
byte, bit = h >> 3, h & 7
self.bits[byte] |= 1 << bit
def contains(self, s):
for h in self.hash(s):
byte, bit = h >> 3, h & 7
if not (self.bits[byte] & (1 << bit)):
return False
return True
def sync(self):
def __del__(self):
if self.bits:
if __name__ == "__main__":
import sys, argparse
from hashlib import sha1
def cmd_load(args):
filt = BloomFilter(args.filter, m=args.bits, k=args.hashes)
if args.sha1:
if args.lower:
for line in open(args.input))
for line in open(args.input))
if args.lower:
for line in open(args.input))
for line in open(args.input))
def cmd_test(args):
value = args.value.encode("utf-8")
if args.sha1:
value = sha1(value).hexdigest()
filt = BloomFilter(args.filter, readonly=True)
if filt.contains(value):
print("Not found")
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(prog=sys.argv[0], epilog="""
%(prog)s load -m 5033164800 -k 11 -l passwords.bloom pwned-passwords-1.0.txt
%(prog)s load -l passwords.bloom pwned-passwords-update-1.txt
%(prog)s test -s passwords.bloom letmein
%(prog)s test -s passwords.bloom si2v8jX4LG""",
subparsers = parser.add_subparsers(dest="subcommand")
p_load = subparsers.add_parser('load', help='create or add to a bloom filter')
p_load.add_argument("-m", "--bits", type=int, default=5033164800, help="number of bits in the filter")
p_load.add_argument("-k", "--hashes", type=int, default=11, help="number of hash functions to use")
p_load.add_argument("-l", "--lower", action="store_true", help="lowercase input data")
p_load.add_argument("-s", "--sha1", action="store_true", help="SHA-1 input data")
p_load.add_argument("filter", type=str, help='filename of the filter')
p_load.add_argument("input", type=str, help='file containing input data')
p_test = subparsers.add_parser('test', help='check whether a given value matches the bloom filter')
p_test.add_argument("-s", "--sha1", action="store_true", help="SHA-1 input data")
p_test.add_argument("filter", type=str, help='filename of the filter')
p_test.add_argument("value", type=str, help='value to look up in the filter')
args = parser.parse_args()
if args.subcommand is None:
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