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Last active December 9, 2019 16:34
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[PhoneGap] Open any external link inside PG inAppBrowser
/* Handle any link start with http or https using PhoneGap (Cordova) inAppBrowser
* Options you can set data-in-app-browser html attribute to one of the
* following options:
* _self - opens in the Cordova WebView if url is in the white-list, else it opens in the InAppBrowser
* _blank - always open in the InAppBrowser
* _system - always open in the system web browse
$(document).on('click', 'a[href^=http], a[href^=https]', function(e){
var $this = $(this);
var target = $'inAppBrowser') || '_blank';$this.attr('href'), target, 'location=no');
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mtamony commented Sep 6, 2013

Yes!!!! Thank you so much this is a lifesaver!

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@mtamony You are welcome..

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mtamony commented Feb 25, 2014

Jonathan do you have any idea how I can eliminate certain links from this code? I've run into a problem with all links opening with InApp. Google maps used to open on Android with maps:q= but now it doesn't. This worked great because it avoided InApp and opened the Google maps app. Now I'm adding to get it to work and InApp is grabbing the link. Google maps in the InApp browser is terrible.

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ghost commented Jul 12, 2014

How would this work if i need to POST a form to an external URL and want to open it in the InApp Browser ?

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Thank you very much!! You really help me!

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Thanks !

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Dumb question, but... how exactly do I call this into my Ionic project? I get that I should create the js file, reference it in index.html, but any other code I need to add to the above to make it update all my links to open in the inAppBrowser?


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Hi I ran into a similar problem because download links (e.g. .pdf) don't work in inAppBrowser, I finally found a working solution with inAppBrowser 3.1.0 using beforeload event:

Perhaps my solution helps you or others. I also lost several hours on this.
All things I tried in the loaded website itself didn't succeed.

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