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Quick template for Jquery Ajax calls
// submit is an action performed ON THE FORM ITSELF...
// probably best to give the form an ID attribute and refer to it by that
$('form').submit( function (event) {
// prevent the usual form submission behaviour; the "action" attribute of the form
// validation goes below...
// now for the big event
// the server script you want to send your data to
'url': 'destination.php',
// all of your POST/GET variables
'data': {
// 'dataname': $('input').val(), ...
// you may change this to GET, if you like...
'type': 'post',
// the kind of response that you want from the server
'dataType': 'html',
'beforeSend': function () {
// anything you want to have happen before sending the data to the server...
// useful for "loading" animations
.done( function (response) {
// what you want to happen when an ajax call to the server is successfully completed
// 'response' is what you get back from the script/server
// usually you want to format your response and spit it out to the page
.fail( function (code, status) {
// what you want to happen if the ajax request fails (404 error, timeout, etc.)
// 'code' is the numeric code, and 'status' is the text explanation for the error
// I usually just output some fancy error messages
.always( function (xhr, status) {
// what you want to have happen no matter if the response is success or error
// here, you would "stop" your loading animations, and maybe output a footer at the end of your content, reading "done"
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ghost commented Sep 3, 2021

Cool! Thanks

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