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Automatically share and unshare libraries for Plex users
# Run this script using "share" or "unshare" as arguments:
# To share the Plex libraries:
# python share
# To unshare the Plex libraries:
# python unshare
import requests
import sys
from xml.dom import minidom
# Get the User IDs and Library IDs from
# Example:
# Enter the User IDs and Library IDs in this format below:
# {UserID1: [LibraryID1, LibraryID2],
# UserID2: [LibraryID1, LibraryID2]}
USER_LIBRARIES = {1234567: [1234567, 1234567]}
def share():
headers = {"X-Plex-Token": PLEX_TOKEN,
"Accept": "application/json"}
url = "" + SERVER_ID + "/shared_servers"
for user_id, library_ids in USER_LIBRARIES.iteritems():
payload = {"server_id": SERVER_ID,
"shared_server": {"library_section_ids": library_ids,
"invited_id": user_id}
r =, headers=headers, json=payload)
if r.status_code == 401:
print "Invalid Plex token"
elif r.status_code == 400:
print r.content
elif r.status_code == 200:
print "Shared libraries with user %s" % str(user_id)
def unshare():
headers = {"X-Plex-Token": PLEX_TOKEN,
"Accept": "application/json"}
url = "" + SERVER_ID + "/shared_servers"
r = requests.get(url, headers=headers)
if r.status_code == 401:
print "Invalid Plex token"
elif r.status_code == 400:
print r.content
elif r.status_code == 200:
response_xml = minidom.parseString(r.content)
MediaContainer = response_xml.getElementsByTagName("MediaContainer")[0]
SharedServer = MediaContainer.getElementsByTagName("SharedServer")
shared_servers = {int(s.getAttribute("userID")): int(s.getAttribute("id"))
for s in SharedServer}
for user_id, library_ids in USER_LIBRARIES.iteritems():
server_id = shared_servers.get(user_id)
if server_id:
url = "" + SERVER_ID + "/shared_servers/" + str(server_id)
r = requests.delete(url, headers=headers)
if r.status_code == 200:
print "Unshared libraries with user %s" % str(user_id)
print "No libraries shared with user %s" % str(user_id)
if __name__ == "__main__":
if len(sys.argv) != 2:
print 'You must provide "share" or "unshare" as an argument'
elif sys.argv[1] == "share":
elif sys.argv[1] == "unshare":
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Magikarplvl4 commented Jan 13, 2017

I got a error when i try this very amazing script :(

PlexPy Notifiers :: Script error: 
    File "D:\plexpy\scripts\", line 107 
        elif r.status_code == 200: 
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

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Triskelen commented Feb 20, 2017

i get a error :
PS C:\Users\Administrator> C:\Python27\python.exe C:\Plexpy\ unshare
line 7 cannot import requests

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ninthwalker commented Apr 14, 2017

Just posting that I also get errors. Specifically just trying with the POST code only to update a shared Library, but i get the returned response code:

Tried with some general python POSTS but kept getting returned with:

<Response code="400" status="You're already sharing this server with plexFriend. Please edit your existing share."/>

Was using the following POST:

headers = {"X-Plex-Token": 'Ycx2134yTyaJHGFxKtgezn9',
           "Accept": "application/json"}
url = ""

payload = {"server_id": "GUte86560eJHGa7fagde5j77dd4bjgrLGHT05",
           "shared_server": {"library_section_ids": "[35723967]",
                                 "invited_id": "2120385"}

r =, headers=headers, json=payload)

So I must have been doing the request wrong.
(Tokens in code all fake)

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tweakfour17 commented Sep 19, 2017

I've got this to work..sort of. When I do the unshare it unshares for all 4 users, however when I do the share function it will only share for 1 of the users, and if I attempt to re-run the share it stops and says I'm already sharing. Any idea why this could be?

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timespaced commented Jan 1, 2018

This script works for unsharing all users, but like tweakfour17 said, it will only enable sharing for 1 user then stops. I'm too stupid to troubleshoot this - hopefully someone can figure it out.

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someredpanda commented Mar 8, 2018

@haltdev and @tweakfour17.

If you're still curious about why the script stops after sharing with one user; there's a return statement on line 50 that interrupts the for loop. Just remove it and it'll handle multiple users fine.

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yonderbread commented Sep 17, 2020

Howdy, is there an endpoint for retrieving the ID of a user by their email?

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