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Last active November 24, 2022 18:38
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Every remaining website using the .museum TLD

Every remaining website using the .museum TLD

The .museum TLD was created by the International Council of Museums (ICOM) in 2001 and is managed by The Museum Domain Management Association (MuseDoma). At the beginning the Museum Domain Management Association was shortened to its initials (MDMA) until the management team was advised to change it.

Anyone "of a nature to serve the interests of the world museum community" can register a .museum name. Each domain costs €35/year.

Over 1000 museum domains have been registered at both the second and third level, but at the time of writing in 2021 almost all are either defunct or redirect to another domain.

Below are the only remaining .museum websites using the TLD for their primary domain. This list was obtained by checking all 1134 domains listed on

Museums (22)

Abandoned Museum websites (2)

Museum Exhibitions (1)

Not Museums (10)

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You include but not

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