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Working from home

Jorge Guimaraes JorgeMGuimaraes

Working from home
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JorgeMGuimaraes / resume.json
Last active August 4, 2023 02:25
My Resume in json resume format
"basics": {
"name": "Jorge Marinho Guimaraes",
"label": "Solutions Architect",
"image": "",
"email": "",
"phone": "(912) 555-4321",
"url": "",
"summary": "A summary of John Doe…",
"location": {
JorgeMGuimaraes /
Last active January 26, 2023 19:25
Extract all links from a webpage
JorgeMGuimaraes / index.html
Created January 24, 2023 19:09
React Quill Resizable Text Area
<div class="app">
JorgeMGuimaraes /
Created December 7, 2022 20:21
Generates a new ssh key pair
#! /bin/bash
#description: Generates a new key based on some standards
# - type ed25519, 256 rounds
# - hostname at the end of file
# Also, change key pair permissions and print instructions on how to set the server
# Based on:
#--- Variables ---#

Move or Relocate /var Directory to a New Partition in Linux

Move or Relocate /var Directory to a New Partition in Linux


Switch to single-user mode

JorgeMGuimaraes / install-zsh-oh-my-zsh
Last active September 15, 2022 12:39
Install Zsh shell and OhMyZsh Framework
# This script depends on manual interaction
# Variables
# Install dependencies and Zsh shell
sudo apt update
sudo apt install -y \
JorgeMGuimaraes /
Last active August 22, 2022 22:17
Jenkins automated installation
#! /bin/bash
# Script to allow user to automate Jenkins install and setup process.
# Based on
# but with updates:
# - this script creates / downloads all files
# - using Jenkins Plugin Manager jar (a workaroud for
# variables
#! /bin/bash
sudo apt remove -y \
docker \ \
sudo apt update
JorgeMGuimaraes /
Created May 18, 2022 00:38
General steps to install/flash a new Android ROM.

Flash Android on Linux

General steps to install/flash a new Android ROM. v0.0

Pre requisites

Android 12:: before enter recovery, remove all lockscreen passwords/PINs in Android.

which adb