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Export Users from Active Directory / LDAP to CSV file with Python
# sudo apt-get install python-ldap
import ldap
host = 'ldap://'
dn = ''
pw = 'secret'
base_dn = 'cn=users,dc=example,dc=com'
filter = 'memberOf=cn=workers,cn=users,dc=example,dc=com'
# Show only activated users
# filter = '(&(memberOf=cn=workers,cn=users,dc=example,dc=com)(!(userAccountControl=66050)))'
attrs = ['sAMAccountName', 'givenname', 'sn', 'mail', 'description', 'telephonenumber', 'homephone', 'mobile']
con = ldap.initialize( host )
# Bind to the server
con.simple_bind_s( dn, pw )
res = con.search_s( base_dn, ldap.SCOPE_SUBTREE, filter, attrs )
# Close the connection
# Print the returned dictionary
print res
for i in res:
print i[1]['givenname'], i[1]['sn']
# TODO: save as csv file
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