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Scrapes the youtube video IDs for the youtube-8m data set. Probably buggy. Could be threaded.
import requests
from collections import defaultdict
csv_prefix = ""
r = requests.get("{0}/verticals.json".format(csv_prefix))
verticals = r.json()
block_urls = defaultdict(list)
count = 0
for cat, urls in verticals.items():
for url in urls:
jsurl = "{0}/j/{1}.js".format(csv_prefix, url.split("/")[-1])
count += 1 #lazy.
ids_by_cat = defaultdict(list)
downloaded = 0.0
for cat_name, block_file_urls in block_urls.items():
for block_file_url in block_file_urls:
print("[{0}%] Downloading block file: {1} {2}".format((100.0*downloaded/count), block_file_url, cat_name))
r = requests.get(block_file_url)
idlist = r.content.split("\"")[3]
ids = [n for n in idlist.split(";") if len(n) > 3]
ids_by_cat[cat_name] += ids
except IndexError, IOError:
print("Failed to download or process block at {0}".format(block_file_url))
downloaded += 1 #increment even if we've failed.
with open("{0}.txt".format(cat_name), "w") as idfile:
print("Writing ids to {0}.txt".format(cat_name))
for vid in ids_by_cat[cat_name]:
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