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private static CorDebugger GetDebugger()
Guid classId = new Guid("9280188D-0E8E-4867-B30C-7FA83884E8DE");
Guid interfaceId = new Guid("D332DB9E-B9B3-4125-8207-A14884F53216");
dynamic rawMetaHost;
Microsoft.Samples.Debugging.CorDebug.NativeMethods.CLRCreateInstance(ref classId, ref interfaceId, out rawMetaHost);
ICLRMetaHost metaHost = (ICLRMetaHost)rawMetaHost;
var currentProcess = Process.GetCurrentProcess();
var runtime_v40 = GetLoadedRuntimeByVersion(metaHost, currentProcess.Id, "v4.0");
var debuggerClassId = new Guid("DF8395B5-A4BA-450B-A77C-A9A47762C520");
var debuggerInterfaceId = new Guid("3D6F5F61-7538-11D3-8D5B-00104B35E7EF");
//Get a debugger for this version of the runtime.
Object res = runtime_v40.m_runtimeInfo.GetInterface(ref debuggerClassId, ref debuggerInterfaceId);
ICorDebug debugger = (ICorDebug)res;
//We create CorDebugger that wraps the ICorDebug stuff making it easier to use
var corDebugger = new CorDebugger(debugger);
return corDebugger;
public static CLRRuntimeInfo GetLoadedRuntimeByVersion(ICLRMetaHost metaHost, Int32 processId, string version)
IEnumerable<CLRRuntimeInfo> runtimes = EnumerateLoadedRuntimes(metaHost, processId);
foreach (CLRRuntimeInfo rti in runtimes)
//Search through all loaded runtimes for one that starts with v4.0.
if (rti.GetVersionString().StartsWith(version, StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase))
return rti;
return null;
public static IEnumerable<CLRRuntimeInfo> EnumerateLoadedRuntimes(ICLRMetaHost metaHost, Int32 processId)
List<CLRRuntimeInfo> runtimes = new List<CLRRuntimeInfo>();
IEnumUnknown enumRuntimes;
//We get a handle for the process and then get all the runtimes available from it.
using (ProcessSafeHandle hProcess = NativeMethods.OpenProcess((int)(NativeMethods.ProcessAccessOptions.ProcessVMRead |
NativeMethods.ProcessAccessOptions.ProcessQueryInformation |
NativeMethods.ProcessAccessOptions.ProcessDupHandle |
false, // inherit handle
if (hProcess.IsInvalid)
throw new System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception(Marshal.GetLastWin32Error());
enumRuntimes = metaHost.EnumerateLoadedRuntimes(hProcess);
// Since we're only getting one at a time, we can pass NULL for count.
// S_OK also means we got the single element we asked for.
for (object oIUnknown; enumRuntimes.Next(1, out oIUnknown, IntPtr.Zero) == 0; /* empty */)
runtimes.Add(new CLRRuntimeInfo(oIUnknown));
return runtimes;
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