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[ExportCodeFixProvider(LanguageNames.CSharp, Name = nameof(Analyzer1CodeFixProvider)), Shared]
public class Analyzer1CodeFixProvider : CodeFixProvider
public sealed override async Task RegisterCodeFixesAsync(CodeFixContext context)
var root = await context.Document.GetSyntaxRootAsync(context.CancellationToken).ConfigureAwait(false);
// TODO: Replace the following code with your own analysis, generating a CodeAction for each fix to suggest
var diagnostic = context.Diagnostics.First();
var diagnosticSpan = diagnostic.Location.SourceSpan;
// Find the type declaration identified by the diagnostic.
var declaration = root.FindToken(diagnosticSpan.Start).Parent.AncestorsAndSelf().OfType<TypeDeclarationSyntax>().First();
// Register a code action that will invoke the fix.
title: title,
createChangedSolution: c => MakeUppercaseAsync(context.Document, declaration, c),
equivalenceKey: title),
private async Task<Solution> MakeUppercaseAsync(Document document, TypeDeclarationSyntax typeDecl, CancellationToken cancellationToken)
// Compute new uppercase name.
var identifierToken = typeDecl.Identifier;
var newName = identifierToken.Text.ToUpperInvariant();
// Get the symbol representing the type to be renamed.
var semanticModel = await document.GetSemanticModelAsync(cancellationToken);
var typeSymbol = semanticModel.GetDeclaredSymbol(typeDecl, cancellationToken);
// Produce a new solution that has all references to that type renamed, including the declaration.
var originalSolution = document.Project.Solution;
var optionSet = originalSolution.Workspace.Options;
var newSolution = await Renamer.RenameSymbolAsync(document.Project.Solution, typeSymbol, newName, optionSet, cancellationToken).ConfigureAwait(false);
// Return the new solution with the now-uppercase type name.
return newSolution;
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