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Last active Aug 18, 2021
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General FAQ

General GTA FAQ



General FAQ

Chat Rules Explained

Rule 1 Explained

Don't be an idiot.

It's really that simple. If you do something stupid, you will be timed out or banned. Doesn't matter how innocent whatever you said was, if it's annoyingly stupid to whoever has their cursor over the ban button at that time, you will get removed.

The tolerance for each level of "idiot" depends on the moderators in the chat, and my/their annoyance levels currently, so don't complain about inconsistencies. If you say something that would annoy someone but they don't see it, then there is no one to ban it.

The fact that I have to write all this and explain it is kinda depressing...

Examples of stupid behaviour include:

Questioning bans in chat

Asking why someone/yourself got timed out/banned in chat will start a massive hate train and the whole chat devolves into pointless arguing over a few lines of text. Please try to understand why this is part of the rules, it's not because every mod is perfect and makes 100% right decisions, it's because if people start arguing over bans in the chat, the chat just turns to shit. Just send me a PM.

Asking a question that is in the FAQ

"Hmm, this streamer is doing something very odd in the first few moments of a speedrun. I wonder why he does it. I know, I'll ask. I bet no one has ever asked this before". Asking innocent questions seems like a dumb thing to time someone out for, but try to think about how many times someone has asked me why I blew up Ryder's car after all this time streaming GTA:SA. If I teach them how to read FAQs I'm making the world a better place, one Twitch chatter at a time.

Making stupid or unfunny/old jokes

Don't draw whatever joke out longer than it needs to be, you are not funny. "WHY DID YOU BLOW UP RYDER'S CAR LEL" and "is dis a grill or a guy?" are both stupid and overused jokes, you're not funny, it's been done a million times before, shut up. People who genuinely ask this question should read the FAQ and therefore deserve to be purged.

Rule 1.1 This includes spamming the voice line

I don't feel like having the voice line copy-pasted in my chat and YouTube comments for all time. Not only just during the glitch, but all the time. If the "Ryder's car blowing up" situation has taught me anything, it's that people will use the voice line all the time and it will get very old very quickly. As such I've made the decision to both mute the game during the glitch and time out anyone that posts it. Yes, this includes posting A BIT OF IT or IT BUT CHANGED A LITTLE BIT. There is no easy place to draw the line that isn't just don't do it at all. If I said "No posting the full voice line", you'd have 1 letter missing. If I said "Don't copy any part of the voice line", words in the line would be changed. It's really not hard to see where this is going. Just don't do it, at all. Any of it. Period.

Muting the game works, just look at my GTA:SA Any% in 1:32:08 YouTube Video. Had I not muted the game, the comment section would be nothing but the line and everything else (like interesting questions or any other messages I might want to read) would be buried under the sea of shit. The same goes to Twitch Chat.

I don't want to "kill the fun meme" for the sake of it, it's just going to get out of hand and super old very quickly.

In short, this is why we can't have nice things.

Rule 2 Explained

Speak English.

If you start speaking another language, only ~5% of people in chat (probably less) will understand what you are saying, making your message pointless spam to the other ~95%. I also don't speak anything other than English so I won't understand what anyone is saying, which could lead to "hey fuck this Josh guy am I right lool" for all I know.

If you got this far, you understand enough English to get by in a Twitch chat and you have no reason to speak anything else there.

Don't do it.

Rule 3 Explained

cba to write this now, just don't do it k thx

What are your PC Specs?

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3900x

  • GPU: ASUS GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER

  • RAM: 32GB DDR4 3000 RAM

  • Motherboard: ASUS PRIME X570-PRO

  • Storage:

    • Internal:

      • Crucial P1 1TB M.2 NVMe SSD (Main drive)

      • Kingston SSDNow V300 240GB SSD

      • 1TB WD Black HDD

      • 1TB Seagate Constellation HDD

      • 1TB Seagate Constellation HDD

    • External:

      • 2x500GB WD Green HDDs

      • 1TB USB3 Seagate HDD

  • Peripherals:

    • Keyboard:

      • Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2013 (ones released past 2013 didn't use Cherry MX switches and are bad)

      • (Backup) Wooting One (analogue input gaming keyboard)

    • Mouse:

      • Corsair Scimitar PRO (MMO gaming mouse)

      • (Backup) Logitech G600

    • Headset: Sennheiser PC 360 (Highly recommend, I've had it for like 6 years it's 100% fine)

      • This headset finally died, RIP. Lasted 8 years before I finally broke the cable. I replaced it with a Sennheiser Game One which is basically the same headset but with a removable cable!
    • Microphone: Blue Yeti (like 90% of all dumbass streamers, better options exist)

    • VR Headset: HTC Vive

    • Wheel and Pedals: Logitech G29

    • Monitors: LG 27Gl850-B and two TVs

    • Camera: Sony a5000 Mirrorless Camera

    • Capture card: AVerMedia GC573

Why don't you use Channel Points?

Long story short: I don't like them.

Long story long: todo

WHERE IS TRUE 100%+?!?!?!?!

Long story short: Hard to make, people obnoxious, low motivation, idk lol.

Long story long:

(This was orignally a YouTube comment by me, so sorry if the formatting/wording is bad)

1. San Andreas burnout

I get sick of doing SA, right now I'm taking a break from it (because I've been running it for like 18 months straight), so I don't want to do it right now. And when I am running SA I get sick of it real fast. Unfortunately for True 100%+ fans, I'm a speedrunner first and foremost, and it's my "job" to stream it, so unless I have enough SA resistance to do BOTH speedruns and True 100%+ at the same time, I'm doing speedruns (or neither like right now). If I don't want to do True 100%+ the episodes will just be really bad, and despite what people think, no episodes are better than bad episodes.

2. Increasing complexity

True 100%+ got really complicated really fast. Now that I'm doing missions I have to be really careful with everything I do. I have to research if there is any content I can miss, any dupes I can do, any glitches I can show, any special vehicles I can get, will I despawn the Hydra, will I lose a Girlfriend, what will I unlock, what phonecalls will I need to take (and lose), etc etc. Back when I just ran around and did stuff in LS for the mastersave, it was a lot easier to do, but now it's really hard and takes a lot of pre-production work (research, testing, routing/planning etc.) to even start to make one.

3. I do lots of other things

I have a lot of side projects/Steam projects now. Back when I started the series I just streamed speedruns and that was it, I needed more stuff to do. But now I'm:

  • Streaming speedruns (main income source and my "job")
  • On a podcast
  • Broadcasting/commentating iRacing
  • Helping to organise and lead the fundraising team for ESA (as well as actually donation reading/hosting)

Then I also have lots of short term/timely stuff:

  • Recently I organised and ran JDQ (and that was pretty stressful)
  • I'm still trying to catch up with Highlights
  • I was doing crazy modded SA runs around special events
  • I was speedrunning in various marathons (Bingothon, ESA, QuickCade come to mind)
  • I restarted and ran an MTA server
  • I made a video game for a GameJam and then tried to make it a longer term thing
  • I play/stream other things sometimes too (when the SA bois allow me)

I could go on but it just turns into me complaining about how "hard" my streamer life is, but that isn't the point, the point is that I'm busy and True 100%+ takes a lot of time.

4. It doesn't earn money (and I need money to live)

There is next to no income generated by True 100%+, this is because no one wants to advertise on GTA:SA on YouTube (probably because it's both a GTA game and they say very naughty words a lot). The Minecraft Dungeons AFK farm video I made in like 30 minutes has made more money for me than every True 100%+ video combined in advertising. Obviously money isn't the only reason to make things (otherwise I never would have in the first place), but I have bills and stuff like everyone else, I need to spend my time wisely and do the things that actually make me money. In an ideal world I don't need to worry about this and this point can be deleted, but I'm not rich. And no, I'm not making a Patreon.

5. The next one will disappoint

The next episode (which is Episode 40, not 41, the April Fools one doesn't count) is a Basketball commentary episode and the gameplay recording was really easy to do, so I did it. The problem was, I never found the time to do commentary/editing/etc., and now it's been so long that if I actually do it, people are going to be really angry at the timestamp on the save file and be like "OMG YOU SAT ON THIS FOR OVER A YEAR!?!" or whatever (don't try to convince me that they won't). So in order for me to actually finish that episode I probably have to make the one after that at the same time and release both or something, either that or re-record the gameplay or try to hide the time stamps, but both of those options seem disingenuous. Also since it's just a Basketball episode it won't exactly be the most thrilling thing ever.

6. Fans worse than you

I get so much hate over True 100%+ (and it creates annoying drama) that it really incentives me to just not do it. Not every comment I ever get is bad, but we're at the point now where every single YouTube video I ever upload is just swarmed by people being obnoxious over True 100%+ and I feel like my own YouTube channel is being held hostage, like everything I upload that isn't True 100%+ is just doomed, and even if I did upload one, all the comments would just be "OH ABOUT TIME YOU FUCKING ARSEHOLE" and "SEE YOU IN 2 YEARS GUYS XD". "Oooohh you shouldn't listen to comments" etc etc., but what people don't understand is one shitty comment is whatever, ignore the arsehole, but 1000 shitty comments will really hurt you. Like TotalBiscuit used to say: "Comments are like papercuts, one hurts, 1000 will kill you".

7. Other stuff I probably forgot

I hate video editing (no, you can't edit them for me, I either pay someone to do it or I do it myself).

todo: Add more reasons I remember here

8. Sorry

Regardless of all that, I'm sorry I kinda just abandoned it and was always super inconsistent with it, I never expected it to be super popular or anything and kinda set everyone up for disappointment.

It's not "cancelled" whatever "cancelling" a YouTube series means (like if I say it's "cancelled", what's stopping me just making another one in the future lol, it's not like I'm firing a bunch of production crew or not renewing a contract or something). If you really want to hear it for some reason, here you go: "True 100%+ is cancelled." There, happy? What changed? My YouTube channel didn't spontaneously combust or anything.

Anyway, basically: I don't know when the next episode is. But just know that by NOT asking me for it constantly, you're helping me slowly want to do it again. I'm sure I will eventually, unless I die or something. If that happens then idk, get some SA speedrunners together and finish it for me.

What are your thoughts on the RUMOURED GTA 3D Trilogy Remaster/Remake?

13/08 (Day after rumour article):

Firstly, I think the rumours are actually true. For a while now there's been plenty of hints about this, such as the Australia Rating Board re-rating GTA III in 2019 for "Multiplatform release", the investors report thing and a bunch of other stuff I don't remember. More recently Take2/Rockstar has been taking down tons of 3D era mods which is a historically accurate way of knowing what game devs are working on (Think Nintendo shutting down tons of Super Mario custom map mods right before releasing Super Mario Map Maker, or shutting down Mario Battle Royale games before Super Mario Bros. 35).

However, do I think they'll be good? Probably not. The music is probably all going to be gutted and Rockstar already "remastered" the games and did a shit job of it (because they outsourced it to a tiny dev, but that's another story).

In the article it states directly that it will release on Nintendo Switch. Now unless they make 2 different versions, a "normal console/next gen" version and a totally different and separately optimised switch version it means it's "low tech" enough to run on Switch, so people's imaginations of a NEXT GEN 4K 120FPS SUPER SHINY WOAH GRAPHICS dreams are probably horribly wrong. The article also says it'll be a "mix of new and old graphics" which could mean a variety of things, but at the least that the old graphics are a part of it. Quite what "new" graphics means though is unknown. It could be anything from the mobile version's graphics to stolen mod work (which they've done before but I can't find a link/source right now) to whole new "next gen" graphics made just for this. Like everything in the article just sounds like it's the mobile version... quote: "One source who claims to have seen a snippet of the games in action said that the visuals reminded them of a heavily-modded version of a classic GTA title. The UI for the games are being updated too, but will retain the same classic style." which is exactly what the mobile version is....

Another possibility is that it's a Master Chief Collection style remaster, since the devs working on it (Rockstar Dundee) were recently bought by Rockstar and previously worked on the Master Chief Collection (but how much so is unknown, probably not a lot). The mention of Unreal Engine 4 also backs this theory, as while the article mentions how it's being made in UE4 it could just be Kotaku game journalists misunderstanding how it works. (If you don't know, MCC uses UE4 for it's menus and misc stuff, but the actual games themselves run in whatever Halo's normal engine is). This is ALSO supported by the "mix of new and old graphics" statement, which again is how the MCC works.

Also the PC version will be delayed, as they always are with Rockstar. Which is really annoying for me since it means I either miss out on OMG NEW GAM hype or I have to play on a console.

To me, the purchase of Rockstar Dundee probably means that Rockstar is planning on remastering/re-releasing all their older titles (including porting GTA V to next gen, which is funny how it counts as an "older title"), and the article itself even mentions them doing Red Dead Redemption next. But who knows. If it is a full on actual remaster with MCC style stuff then yeah that's pretty likely, otherwise who knows. Rockstar Dundee used to be a pretty big studio who made full titles like Crackdown and stuff, but lately haven't done much so who knows what their staff levels are like now (I cba to dig that deep). If they don't have a near AAA studio level of staff then I very much doubt a full on proper remaster. Oh I just found it apparently it's 27. That is not enough, they would need significant support from other Rockstar studios which I doubt they will get for remasters, they're all busy working on GTA 6 for several years (if your one of the people who's like HURR DURR R* ONLY MAKE ONLINE STUFF GTA 6 NEVER you're wrong but I cba to explain why/how here)

General GTA FAQ

How are you instantly reloading your weapon?

Switching between weapons automatically reloads the weapon for you. The exact details vary between games, but most (if not all) the GTA games have this "glitch".

What are you doing with the camera?

Most if not all the GTA games have funky traffic manipulation with the camera. In III and VC if you go fast enough and look away from your direction of travel, no traffic will spawn. In SA if you flick the camera down and up, you can respawn/despawn the far away traffic that you're looking at. In IV and EFLC if you look down, you allow cars (Taxis!) to spawn in front of you as they don't like to spawn when you can see them pop in.


Why did you blow up Ryder's car?

It saves about 40–50 seconds. Failing certain missions allows you to skip normally unskipable cutscenes later in them. Currently this is the only practical mission we have found this usage for, as it is easy to just kill Ryder and restart the mission and it skips a sizeable cutscene.

How do you slide / What is sliding?

Watch this awesome video by tduva:

tl;dw: I get to move faster in certain areas by doing certain inputs while using certain weapons.

Why are you flicking the camera up and down?

I do this to de/re-spawn the traffic which is in the distance in front of me. This can be useful in certain spots to make the road in front of me clear, but it still relies on RNG, meaning sometimes a car can just spawn directly in front of me and screw me over.

What mods are you using for the game?

None. (Unless otherwise specified like OHKO, Chaos, etc.)

What is OHKO?

One Hit Knock Out. Basically, you die in one hit. Its just a fun mod made by Lighnat0r to add an extreme challenge to the game.

You can download it here (Just run the .exe while playing the game)

What is Chaos?


What is Rainbomizer?

Rainbomizer is a mod for GTA San Andreas that randomizes many aspects of the game. It allows for a replay of the game in a new, fun way. The mod randomizes everything from traffic, vehicle colours, vehicle handling, mission vehicles, weapons, cutscenes and even the missions! You can get it here:

What's up with the frame rate / What does 30-5 FPS mean?

Imagine a pie. Think of it like a clock. The pie represents 1 second, you go around the circumference over the course of the second, like a clock that only measures 1 second instead of a whole day. If you take the pie and cut it into 60 different slices, you have 60 slices a second evenly distributed across 1 whole second. The slices are frames. 30 frames a second would be 30 evenly distributed slices etc. The whole pie is still there, just cut up into slices of time. You get a nice consistent frame rate around the whole second. The bigger the slice, the longer you see that frame on the screen until you get to the next slice.

What I mean when I say that SA's frame rate is 30 minus 5 is that the pie is cut up into 30 slices, so the pacing of the frames is that of 30 seconds, but 5 of those slices/frames are missing. This creates gaps in the pie, for some of the pie you get a new slice consistently as you should, but then all of a sudden one slice is missing. You sit on the last slice/frame until you get over the gap from the missing one and finally onto a new one. This means that 5 of the frames every second remain on the screen for twice as long as the other 20.

The reason I take care to explain it as such is that this is different to just 25 frames a second. That would be 25 slices in our pie, evenly distributed across the whole second, nice and smooth. Not as smooth as having more slices, but still fine. What SA does is much worse, what I'm explaining here is a frame PACING issue, not a frame RATE one. The amount of frames in the second is 25, but they are paced extremely poorly, which makes it way worse than just pure 25 frames a second.

Any% FAQ

What is this? / Why is Any% "Dead"?

The run is based on a new skip found by Powdinet on 5/10/2019 after 3 years of research, starting with the original PC version of the game and Boat School and (probably) ending here. The skip takes us from Ryder (the second mission of the game) to End of the Line Part 3 (the final part of the final mission of the game), which as you can imagine is quite the substantial skip. The issue with it however is that it is extremely difficult to pull off.

Does this mean Normal/Old/Classic Any% runs are gone?

No! These runs are not lost, not ruined, and will be still be ran as much as they always were! They simply have their own category called "Any% No Arbitrary Jump in Script" or Any% No AJS for short which bans this skip. This exact scenario (massive glitch found to skip the whole game) has already happened to Vice City (and lots of other speedruns!), and what happens is that there is an initial rush to the "new" Any% but then everyone goes back to running the "fun" run instead.

What version of the game are you playing? / Why does the game look weird? / What mods are you using?

I'm playing the Windows Store version because the skip only works on this version with this exact mission script (Not the mobile versions or the other 10 year anniversary versions). Unfortunately this means I have to play one of the worst renditions of the game that was released. The stupid shaders and GUI look like some kind of crappy mod, the frame rate is shit, and worst of all the controls are TERRIBLE. It feels like I'm using a Keyboard and Mouse to emulate a Touch Screen which is emulating a PS2 Gamepad; I have to hold Right Click then hold Left Click, then release Right Click and then release Left Click in order to Aim a gun AND shoot at the same time, and I can't even lean forwards/backwards on bikes. Inputs randomly activate and get stuck (I'm sure while you were reading this I've already screamed "CONTROLS" on the stream/video). It's impossible to describe just how awful the controls are unless you've tried it yourself.

What's the plan? / How do you do it? / What's the route?

Short Answer

I need to cancel Vigilante either 82061, 82063, 82070, 82071, 82073, 82077 or 82093 milliseconds after the game starts, then get an OM0 phone call by using the Go Go Space Monkey arcade machine and Grenades and then start the Ryder mission. Then during Ryder use the OM0 phone call to regain control, keep the cutscene going indefinitely by pausing and dupe the mission. Then finally blow up Ryder's car (not a joke), start Vigilante and get off the bike all at the perfect time to start End of the Line (Part 3). If the game crashes instead, I most likely didn't cancel Vigilante on the correct millisecond at the start of the run.

Long Answer

I might write a long version here at some point, for now just read the Reddit post and then come back:

The biggest difference is using the Arcade Machines to get an OM0 call instead of Burglary/Safehouse.

Pre 22/10/19 Route

Short Answer

I need to cancel Vigilante either 82061, 82063, 82070, 82071, 82073, 82077 or 82093 milliseconds after the game starts. Then get $10000 to buy a Safeouse and get OM0 Burglary using Burglary while buying it. Then using that OM0 Burglary, get an OM0 phone call and start the Ryder mission. Then during Ryder, use the OM0 phone call to regain control, keep the cutscene going indefinitely by pausing and dupe the mission. Then finally blow up Ryder's car (not a joke), start Vigilante and get off the bike all at the perfect time to start End of the Line (Part 3). If the game crashes instead, I most likely didn't cancel Vigilante on the correct millisecond at the start of the run.

Long Answer

I might write a long version here at some point, for now just read the Reddit post and then come back:

Only main difference is that I won't be using Burglary to get money, instead I will just get lucky with Drug Dealers as it's faster (but requires more luck).

Why avoid Vending Machines?

After cancelling Vigilante at the start I need to avoid updating the $CURRENT_TIME_IN_MS2 value to the actual current time in milliseconds. Lots of things in the game update this value and unfortunately Vending Machines are one of them. This means I have to avoid going too close to a Vending Machine or I will be unable to preform the skip, thankfully I know where they are and can take detours around them.

Why only avoid them sometimes?

When a new game is started or a game is loaded the first Vending Machine you encounter does not update the value, so we get one "Free Pass" Vending Machine every run/reload. This "Free Pass" is used on the Vending Machine outside the Grove Street bar when entering to get to the Arcade Machines. In addition to this, the value only needs to be set once (around 7:46 ingame time) and it is safe to go near Vending Machines before that point if I do not need the "Free Pass".

What's the Arcade Machine for? / Why are you blowing yourself up?

By cancelling and restarting the Go Go Space Monkey Arcade Machine you can regain control of CJ while leaving the minigame running in the background. This minigame persists when you die, so by using Grenades (that we need to pick up anyway) we can die, which gives OM0. Now we have an OM0 Arcade Machine minigame. Then you hold the phonecall and cancel the minigame (using the Hospital Tutorial Cutscene) and then you have an OM0 Phonecall!

Why not use CJ's game console?

It updates $CURRENT_TIME_IN_MS2. Go Go Space Monkey is the closest Arcade Machine that does not update $CURRENT_TIME_IN_MS2.

Why not use a timer to help time the Vigilante cancel?

Other speedruns use this method to help time an input, like Pokémon Heart Gold (press button and start timer at the same time, then when the timer hits 0 press another button), and while that looks like a good idea here, unfortunately starting the game is inconsistent in how long it takes to happen (and maybe varies between different PCs?). For me, the best timing seems to be to cancel Vigilante when I think the ingame timer is about to hit 7:46.

Why is this run so hard?

It may sound easy enough since we have everything planned out and know exactly what to do, and reading about the challenges in isolation makes the run as a whole not seem too hard. However a few factors make this run extremely difficult, and without finding a consistent setup for things or better-than-humanly-possible reaction times, a lot of things basically come down to dumb luck. And with so many things that have to go right, the odds of getting them all in one run are extremely slim.

Here are the main challenges of this run ordered by difficulty:

Click for Older route stuff

Getting OnMission0 using Burglary and a Safehouse

Since we're at the start of the game and must avoid updating $CURRENT_TIME_IN_MS2, all the traditional OM0 setups are unavailable so we have to use Burglary and a Safehouse. Other than having to get money (which is just slow, not hard), the main difficulty in this is the timings to execute two parts of it. I need to buy a Safehouse, then immediately after have a phone call ring, which I can then hold (which delays the Safehouse bought cutscene) and then I have to start Burglary at exactly the right time to have the Safehouse be bought while starting Burglary.

The phone call isn't too hard to get right, I have a decent amount of practice timing them in other runs so I can get that most of the time even without pause buffering by starting and cancelling Burglary before arriving at the Safehouse.

The main challenge is instead the Burglary timing. There isn't really much to say about it other than I mash the Burglary Start button and just hope I get lucky. If I don't get lucky, I simply load the save (or reset if I didn't make one) and try again. At a rough estimate I'd say 75% of the time I get the phone call (but that is execution-based, so I'll hopefully get better over time) and 25% of the time I get the Burglary timing (but that's just dumb luck so unlikely to improve).

Starting Vigilante during the 1000 millisecond window between Ryder's first two lines of dialogue in the cutscene but cancelling it within the 500 millisecond window after Vigilante starts

The trick must be performed inside the post-barber shop cutscene between two of Ryder's voice lines, which creates a few issues. You don't have control of CJ in cutscenes, you can't move the camera, you can't enter vehicles and even if you could you can't start Vigilante during missions, and then you don't have enough time until the voice lines play to do anything.

By pausing the game we can keep Ryder's voice line going for as long as we want. Using an OM0 phone call we can regain control of CJ and go OM0 so we can start Vigilante, then by going back into the Barber Shop Interior we can regain camera control, then by duping the mission we can regain access to vehicles AND get an easy way of ending the voice line AND regaining OM0 when we want to.

The main difficulty is in the timing of Vigilante both starting and cancelling. As soon as Ryder's car blows up, his voice line will be skipped (and the camera will change back to where the cutscene is). This starts the 1000 millisecond window to do the glitch. Then you have to start Vigilante and if the $CURRENT_TIME_IN_MS2 variable is the correct value, End of the Line (Part 3) will start. However the game will crash 500 milliseconds after starting Vigilante if another mission is running, so Vigilante then has to be cancelled. This is achieved by getting off the bike somehow. Just starting Vigilante and then getting off the bike is not fast enough for the 500 millisecond window, so you have to start getting off the bike FIRST and then start Vigilante before CJ gets fully off the bike. This has to be done while you cannot see CJ because the camera is now looking at the Pizza place. While this isn't too hard using the One Elephant method, it is at the very end of the run after getting everything else right and nerves will play a part. Getting it wrong results in an instant game crash.

Canceling Vigilante to set $CURRENT_TIME_IN_MS2 to the correct value

When two mission scripts love each other very much...

Click for Pre 22/10/19 stuff

Why buy the further away Safehouse?

While the Safehouse in Willow Field is closer to Grove Street, unfortunately there is a Vending Machine too nearby to use safely, so instead I must use the Jefferson Safehouse.

Why kill Drug Dealers for money / Why not do insert thing here for money?

After cancelling Vigilante at the start I need to avoid updating the $CURRENT_TIME_IN_MS2 value to the actual current time in milliseconds. Killing Drug Dealers is the fastest way we have available to get money. All the other peds only drop around $50 which makes killing them a massive waste of time so I only focus on Drug Dealers (Hookers only have a lot of money at night, and even then it isn't enough).

Below is a list of commonly suggested ways of getting money and the problem with it.


While in the early days of this route we did use Burglary for money and it does work, it's slower than just getting lucky with Drug Dealers.

Inside Track

Inside Track updates $CURRENT_TIME_IN_MS2. While it IS possible to get to Inside Track and win a bet before I need to set $CURRENT_TIME_IN_MS2 I wouldn't be able to bet that much money so I would only gain about half of what I need. I could then use Inside Track to set $CURRENT_TIME_IN_MS2 without needing Vigilante but it's a lot harder to time correctly. This may end up being used in future routes/runs, but as of writing not now.

Firefighter / Taxi


Stunt Jumps

Slower than Drug Dealers.

Any% (No AJS) FAQ

What does No AJS mean?

AJS stands for 'Arbitrary Jump in Script', it's the glitch that allows Any% to skip from Ryder (mission 2) to End of the Line part 3 (the final mission). For a detailed explanation of how it works, see the Any% FAQ above. No AJS just forbids usage of that glitch and nothing else.

What is duping?

Duping is short for Duplication, which in GTA means duplicating (or making multiple copies of) a mission. Basically, when we say duping, we mean when we start two or more copies of the same or different missions at the same time.

How do you do that?

To put it simply, there is a on/off switch (called OnMissionFlag) which the game uses to track whether or not you are on a mission. When OnMissionFlag = 0 (the switch is OFF), you can do anything you want in the world, like start missions and side missions, eat fast food, date girlfriends, go to Ammu-Nation etc etc... However when OnMissionFlag = 1 (the switch is ON), all the mission markers disappear, side missions can't be started etc etc...

OnMissionFlag is normally set to 1 (switch ON) when you are on a mission, which is why all the map markers and whatnot disappear when you are doing one.

By tricking the game into turning OnMissionFlag to 0 (switch OFF) DURING a mission, we can then do what we want again. The primary use for this is, of course, starting another copy of the mission, because we can just start the mission, walk back into the marker and start another copy of that mission (there are other uses too but I won't get into that here).

The CURRENT method we have for doing this involves getting a phone call during some specific side missions and using that to set OnMissionFlag to 0 (cancelling a phone call sets OnMissionFlag to 0, as does failing a mission such as Trucking or Quarry).

Why is duping useful?

To put it simply, the game tracks how many times you have completed a mission in or for a certain place/chain/person. For example the Air Strip has 4 missions in its "chain": N.O.E, Stowaway, Black Project and Green Goo. When you beat N.O.E, the number of missions the game thinks you've completed at the Air Strip increases by 1 (So it goes 0 -> 1). The game uses this number to determine what missions you start next, so now if you start the next Air Strip mission, you will start Stowaway (because you have 1 mission completed).

The reason duping is useful is because we can complete one mission multiple times to increase that number multiple times. So if you were to dupe N.O.E once, you could beat both copies of N.O.E at the same time, but the game would track it as you completing two missions (0 -> 1 -> 2). Then if you started the next mission you would instead start Black Project (Because you have 2 missions completed).

This is incredibly useful in speedrunning because you would only have to do the objectives of ONE mission, while actually beating two or more missions.

There are other uses as well: to start the mission Monster (which is the mission after the last mission of San Fierro, leading into Las Venturas) you need to complete both the Triads mission chain (The red dragon icon missions, like Pier 69, Toreno's Last Flight) AND Woozie's missions (Amphibious Assault, Lure etc.), however if you were to dupe the first mission of the Triads' chain (Ice Cold Killa) three times for a total of 4 copies (so 4 mission passes), then you would unlock Monster WITHOUT having to do ANY Woozie missions and only ONE Triad mission. This would obviously save a lot of time...

OK cool, so why isn't the game 2 hours long now?

Well, as with all things, it unfortunately isn't that simple. Both the examples of dupes I gave here aren't without their problems (or even factually correct) and our current method of duping takes a long time to set up and only allows us to dupe one mission once (for two copies).

No Major Glitches FAQ

What are Major Glitches?

Major glitches are any glitches that manipulate the OnMissionFlag variable (explained in What is duping?). The name was picked in order to be futureproof.

Why are you swimming randomly?

In San Fierro there is one mission that requires me to have upgraded my lung capacity stat at least twice before it will let me start it. I try to do the swimming required for these upgrades during parts of the game where I would lose little to no time by swimming.


What is GTA:VCS?

Short A: VCS is a PSP prequel to Vice City.

Long A: Vice City STORIES is a Rockstar game released in 2006 for the PSP (and later PS2). It is a completely different game to Vice City, the 2002 PS2 (and later PC) game; it is however a prequel to Vice City (set 2 years before) and plays on the same map with only some minor changes, however everything else is completely different (story, gameplay, missions, physics, etc).

What are you playing this on?

Short A: PSTV.

Long A: As with most console speedruns, using a later console's backwards compatibility is often the fastest way to run a game, be it because of better load times, frame rates, controls, stability or new/different glitches. The PSTV is, other than having no inputs, cameras or screen, essentially just a Vita. And the Vita has PSP hardware inside it to be backwards-compatible with PSP games. While I could use a regular Vita, unlike PSPs, Vitas do not have a native TV output port. PSTV just uses nice simple, clean, easy to capture, high quality HDMI. Fortunately it seems Sony did a good job with their PSP emulator and the frame rate, stability and glitches all seem to be accurate to a real PSP.

One problem: A real PSP is actually faster. In later updates to its system Sony increased the clock speed of the PSP to 333mhz (it's not quite that simple but I won't go into massive detail), so the game actually loads much faster AND has better frame rates (and better fire rates on weapons...) on PSP. The PSTV didn't get this update and has its internal PSP hardware running at 222mhz for VCS. So the gains of running a digital version from the Playstation Store are lost and I should be stuck with using a PSP with its terrible controls and video quality. While I could use a PSPGO, because that has Bluetooth controller support, they are semi-rare and the dock that allows for charging and TV output at the same time is even more rare.

The solution is to softmod the PSTV and install Adrenaline, which is software that modifies the official PSP Emulator using taiHEN CFW framework to make it run a PSP 6.61 custom firmware. I use this to have my PSTV have the same overclocking that a PSP uses. While this technically means that I'm not running on official software, I'm/the community is OK with it because I am still running on official hardware and through testing have found no issues in emulation accuracy compared to PSP (and no one else who is running on PSPs uses official software either).

Why not PSP?

Short A: The controls and video quality are worse.

Long A: The reason I'm using a PSTV/Vita instead of a PSP is because of the controls (I can use a PS3/PS4 controller instead of a PSP). Playing on a PSP for extended periods of time really hurts my hands and I don't want to do that to myself. Also, PSP outputs best with a component output, which is worse than HDMI. Comments about the video quality now are already common and using component output would exacerbate the issue.

Why not PS2/3/4?

Short A: Route is different, it's probably slower and I don't own a PS3/PS4.

Long A: While the game does have a PS2 port (and therefore a version on PS3 and PS4) which offers higher resolution (but worse performance and load times (yes even with a HDD/network PS2)), some additional content (some useful in speedruns, some not) and better controls etc., it is PROBABLY not the better version to speedrun. This is due to a few factors, but mostly it comes down to almost all previous research, routing and runs being done on the PSP version. The PS2 port is actually different in lots of small ways for the speedrun route (different dupes crash, different glitches, etc). Also since all previous runs were done on the PSP version (including mine), I'd rather just compete in this version. A few people are running the PS3(?) version currently so this may change in the future (someone buy me a PS4 XD <3 lol).


Short A: Emulators are bad.

Long A: PCSX2 is SUUUUPPPPPEEERR bad and should never be used for speedruns. It's just completely and totally inaccurate in so many respects (loading times, glitches, etc.) and it's also a really terrible user experience. I think PPSSPP is better (I've never used it), but it still has inaccuracies and is currently separated on the leaderboards from the "real" versions (with rules like: Don't use glitches you can't use in the "real" versions). As with all speedruns, it's better to just play on real hardware with the real software. For casual play I would recommend PPSSPP though for better controls and resolution (I think there is even a 60FPS patch or something).

Do you know about the SA VCS mod?

Short A: Yes, it's very unfinished.

Long A: Yes, a lot more than most people, since I actually played it! When I played it, it was completely unfinished (only half the map available, about 5 missions, countless bugs) and obviously not an official version, so speedrunning it would be... weird. Development stalled after 2013 and the mod was not updated for ages (which is the version I must've played) however the latest update seems to be from 2018 (on the forums, not MODDB) so hopefully this can one day be finished!

Why are the graphics so bad?

Short A: It's a PSP game.

Long A: Being a PSP game (a hand-held console released in 2004 with a 480x272 screen) the resolution is quite low, as is the general graphical quality. I am however doing my utmost to make the video quality as good as possible. The reason it looks so bad is because you're probably watching it on a 1080p (8 times larger than 272p!) display over 10 years after it was released. Emulators and/or PS2 can increase the resolution, but I do not want to use those (as explained elsewhere).

What is duping?

Short A: Doing the same mission twice (or more) skips missions. (See GTA:SA FAQ about dupes, largely the same)

Long A: todo

What is PACB?

Short A: Glitch that lets me skip certain missions in Chapter 2 and 3

Long A:

Why do you "Save n' Quit"?

Short A: To prevent the game from crashing.

Long A: Duping missions makes the game unstable in strange ways because lots of stuff never unloads correctly and restarting the game completely refreshes the memory used by the game. Some missions have a high likelihood of crashing if done in the same session as another missions when duped (e.g. Cleaning House and Got Protection), some seem perfectly happy to run the whole time (e.g. Oh Brothel Where Art Thou?) and some will crash the game at any point seemingly randomly (e.g. The Colonel's Coke).

Why do you go out of bounds?

Short A: It flips every vehicle.

Long A: For some unknown reason going out of bounds (and also going into some interiors) causes every loaded vehicle to flip in every axis (X, Y and Z). This is less useful than you would think, being only used in Waking up the Neighbours (to flip and thus blow up the three vans you need to destroy) and then sometimes in Truck Stop (if the Truck you need to steal is upside down due to duping).

How did you buy this, I can't find it on the PS Store?

Short A: Buy it in the GTA Handheld bundle with LCS and CW.

Long A: todo

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