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GSoC Final Evalutation
At the bottom of this gist is a bunch of links to all the work that I completed over the summer.
For a more comprehensive explanation, see those.
This summer, I worked on a Timeline for Musescore to assist users in navigating large scores.
It creates a grid for measures and instrument names as well as multiple helpful key values.
By interacting with the timeline, the score is moved around and creates quick navigation.
A full list of all the features of the timeline is here:
Here are the links to each of the blog posts I made over summer.
These will explain what I did over the summer:
Here are the links to each of the branches that display all the code I have written:
Here is a link to what did not get completed:
To see my code in action, either compile from the master branch on musescore's repository,
or download the latest nightly for your machine:
Master branch:
Nightly Builds:
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