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Last active April 8, 2020 18:03
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Don't use Swift enums to box magic strings! Read the blog post:
enum NotificationNames: String {
case UserDataChanged: "UserDataChangedNotificationName"
case ReceivedAlert: "ReceivedAlertNotificationName"
case PeanutButterJellyTime: "ItsPeanutButterJellyTimeNotificationName"
struct NotificationNames {
static let userDataChanged = "UserDataChangedNotificationName"
static let receivedAlert = "ReceivedAlertNotificationName"
static let peanutButterJellyTime = "ItsPeanutButterJellyTimeNotificationName"
// Using the enum:
NSNotificationCenter.defaultCenter().postNotificationName(NotificationNames.UserDataChanged.rawValue, object:nil)
// Using the struct
NSNotificationCenter.defaultCenter().postNotificationName(NotificationNames.userDataChanged, object:nil)
// If you need switching, remember that Swift can switch on just about any comparison type:
func handleNotification(note: NSNotification) {
switch {
case NotificationNames.userDataChanged: print("User data changed!")
case NotificationNames.receivedAlert: print("WHAT!? An alert!")
case NotificationNames.peanutButterJellyTime: print("Where ya at? Where ya at? Where ya at?")
default: print("I have no idea what's going on.")
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